Troubleshooting Tips When Water Leaks From Your Ice Maker

Portable ice maker is an appliance unit for everyone who wants to have enough supply of ice at any time of the day. Over the years, these ice machines have become widely popular and are now widely used in different households and in fact there are now commercial ice makers. But if you just need it for personal use and you do not want the unit to consume that much space, going for a portable ice maker is the way to go.

Now that weather is becoming hotter, for sure you are eager to use your ice maker to have cold drinks and other beverages. This is simply perfect when chilling inside the house with family or if you are throwing a party with friends, you never have to think of running out of ice supply. And since you will be using your ice maker most of the time, you may end up experiencing some problems along the way. What happens if there is water leaking from your ice maker?

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Read the Service Manual

First and foremost before you even attempt to try to fix the problem on your own, it is important that you read the service manual. The product manual serves as your guide as it gives you vital information and other details that you need regarding the different components in your ice maker along with the technical aspects and other specifications. With the use of the product manual,you get to have an idea as to how the system works and the electrical controls that you can use which makes it easy for you to identify the problem and also fix easy and minor issues.

Importance of Visual Checks

When you suddenly experience that your ice maker has water leaks, the very first step is for you to have a visual check. Take a closer look at the distribution components in your ice maker and see if the are all in the right condition and working well. If you are having a hard time finding the cause of the leak, it is strongly recommended that you charge the fluorescent detection dye as you can easily use this to make it easier for you to search where the problem lies. It is an ultraviolet light that can help you find the leak. If there is a leak in the unit, there is a big chance that the hose in the system is broken. If the hose inside the pump system is either broken or blocked, water leaks occur. You can just make the necessary repairs as provided in the service manual and you can now use your ice maker.

Other Ice Machine Problems

But there are instances where the problem is not just water leaks. There are other ice maker problems that users often experience. For instance, what do you do if the machine does not turn on? First is to make sure that it is plugged it in an electric outlet with the right voltage. Make sure that the circuit breaker is working. If ever your ice maker still does not turn on, you need to contact a repair specialist who can do the job. This can be a highly sensitive task so you cannot fix it on your own. It can be faulty wiring or your unit may have internal electrical problems that only an expert can fix.

If you are experiencing a leaking coolant and the machine does not form ice, chances are there is a problem with the coolant especially if the unit is working normally. Look if there is any leak from the unit. In particular, you might see an oily substance. Unfortunately, if your ice maker has a leaking coolant, this is one area that only a professional can handle.

Apart from these problems, you may encounter where your ice maker does not produce enough ice. One reason could be that the air temperature is warn or the water inside the ice machine is warm. To do a quick fix, you can use cold water. However, if it still does not work, the problem might lie elsewhere. For instance, the coolant might be affecting the performance of the system. In this case, you need to call a repair specialist to inspect your unit and make the necessary repairs.

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Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

Ice machine problems may occur from time to time. To avoid or to lessen the likelihood of these problems from happening again, it is important that you know have cleaning and maintenance routine for your unit. Just as how you take care of other appliances in your house, the same thing applies for your portable ice maker.

Make sure that you regularly clean your portable ice maker. Most of the problems that you encounter like when the unit does not generate enough ice or when there is a water leak, it can be attributed to certain substances blocking the essential components of the ice machine. As such, it is essential that you regularly clean your ice maker. There are various cleaning solutions that you can use. Some prefer to use vinegar. But there are others who prefer lemon with water as they say it is much more effective in cleaning the ice machine compare to the former. If you want to avoid the hassle, you can always use a cleaning solution which is specifically designed for cleaning equipment and appliance. You are guaranteed that it is safe and will not damage your ice machine.

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