Troubleshooting Tips For Ice Maker

You can enjoy your day at home when something that refreshes you is served. In whatever occasions, whether in your time of relaxation or having a party with friends, you feel that your day is not complete without something cool to take in. So, in your appliance department, an ice maker is there to take care of your ice needs. The reason is quite obvious. With the ice maker fast and easy ice-making cycle, you can depend on it for enough supply of ice without having to run outside to buy a bagful of ice for your needs. It is a perfect machine that will not let you down as its efficiency of making ice can be counted on in just a moment notice. In just as little as seven minutes, you will have to enjoy fresh ice.



Read the Product Manual

But your ice maker though proven to be truly dependable may succumb to wear and tear. This is because the machine sometimes is left with less attention at its location. No until when we feel the need to take out a supply of ice from the freezer that it is noticed. Just like other appliances in your home, the ice maker needs to be maintained.
Over time, some of its parts can malfunction. When some of its parts do not go well, you need not worry for you can troubleshoot it by yourself even if you will not call the help of a technician. You can just refer to your owner’s manual instruction for help, and there you can have the troubleshooting done. Reading the product manual can help you get to know more about the internal components of your ice maker, its specifications and how it works.

Troubleshooting Tips:

When you encounter some problems, you can do the following troubleshooting tips:
1. When you notice that your ice maker does not make ice, check the ice bin if its full of ice. This will cause your ice maker not to produce anymore ice because its shutoff arm does not function well. During the ice making cycle the shutoff arm raises up to the bin to place the ice cubes, then it drops back down. As the ice accumulates in the bin, the arm is prevented going down so that no more ice is made till the level of ice in the bin also drops.

To remedy the problem, you can turn off the shutoff arm manually by lifting into a lock position. This is to secure the arm and bring back to its normal operation. Again refer to your manual instruction how you will bring back to its former position where nothing can block its normal movement. Then, have it rechecked to confirm if it is still making ice because if it does, the same trouble can recur. So what is best is to refer to the diagnostic table for on how you can replace the control module;

2. Another problem that will affect the ice making process is the supply of water to the freezer coming from the source. If the valve is not properly turned to a position which allows enough pressure, the ice mold may not be filled with water to its desired level. What you need to do is to flush the water valve behind the freezer. Next, see to it that the ice mold is filled through its timing mechanism. Once the water still continues to flow more than what is necessary or too slow, the ice mold will still lack water until such time the mechanism completes the cycle thereby producing smaller cubes of ice. Hence, you have to recheck the water valve if opened to provide just enough water pressure to fill the mold. Check also the water supply line for dents and pinch that can restrict the flow of water to the ice maker;

3. The temperature of the ice maker can also cause poor production of ice cubes. Hence, the recommended temperature is about five degrees Fahrenheit. The freezer however maybe kept at about thirty-six degrees Fahrenheit. If its temperature goes up or down with what is required, you can adjust using the controls found  inside the freezer.



There are other parts of the ice maker that you can troubleshoot once the ice made is becoming smaller or if no ice is no longer made. As it has been mentioned earlier, you need just to refer to your manual to get the job done.

Cleaning and Maintenance

For you to use your portable ice maker for a much longer period of time, it is essential that you clean it regularly and maintain it well. This is to reduce the common problems that most would experience. When cleaning your portable ice maker, you can use various cleaning solutions. Clean the internal components of your machine to make sure that nothing is blocking the system to produce ice and to remove dirt buildup. Wipe the walls using a soft cloth. Then, you can clean the exterior of the ice maker. Run a cleaning cycle and you are done.

Hiring a Repair Specialist

The following troubleshooting tips can help you diagnose the problem and make quick fixes. If you can fix the problem on your own then you get to save repair costs. But you also need to keep in mind that there are instances where the problem can be too technical and complex. In this case, only a professional and expert repair specialist can handle the work. Contact a repair specialist as soon as you notice the problem. Choose someone who is a certified repair expert and has extensive experience in repairing in portable ice maker.

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Audrey Kinley - July 21, 2016

My husband and I don’t actually own an ice machine, though I’m sure my husband would love that. We’re actually looking for a company that sells ice. We’ve got a big BBQ this weekend and we need ice for all the drinks. I’m sure we’ll be able to find one.

dianne eakin - September 22, 2016

I have bought 2 igloo and a after my 1 year warranty they quit, talked to the place that makes them with no luck. I would never ever recommend buying an igloo ice maker.

Jay Cheramie - October 21, 2016

I have purchased two Coco Cola Nostalgia Ice Makers and both did not last at all.

JC Engelbrecht - November 22, 2016

I have a portable ice maker that makes square cubes of ice.
At the moment the water will run over the plates to form the cubes nut it doesn’t stop.
It just makes one big block of ice.
Can somebody help me with some information on repairing this problem?

Kind Regards
JC Engelbrecht

Jeremy scott - January 23, 2017

I bought an igloo ice maker less than a year ago. Them it stop working. Then I did everything in the manual. Them it said to get in touch with technical suport but There was no number to call.

BONITA GOODMAN - March 19, 2017

We use our ice constantly. We empty and fill the machine 2 or 3 times a day. Do we still need to give it rest. The 2 machine Red Igloo have only lasted a year and one-half. Also, The top of the machines have condensation around the top and on the lid. Which tells me air is getting in. There is no gasket to keep out air, this adds to the melting of the ice.

Diane - June 21, 2018

The fan stopped running and won’t make ice

Rebeca Vickers - July 4, 2018

I got this ICE227 in March and it stopped working yesterday took it back to Walmart and they won’t take it back. Need to talk to someone about this

Edward Dean - September 6, 2018

I purchased a igloo icemaker from Amazon 45 days and does not make ice.I call Amazon they said I need to contact igloo.I have tried to contact igloo with no help

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