Top Reasons Why You Need an Ice Maker

With many people opting to live in small spaces like apartments, condos, boats, RVs, etc. they also need compact appliances to avoid overcrowding their living areas. With the coming of summer with its extreme heat, a portable ice maker is a fantastic option to keep cool. Ice maker easily and simply produces all types of ice cubes all the time so you no longer need to buy bagged ice or deal with ice trays. When you have a portable ice maker, you never have to worry about losing ice supply as you already have a machine where you can create enough ice for all of your needs.

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Facts About Ice Makers

Here are some facts about portable ice maker that you should know before finding reasons why you need to own one. What are the reasons why you should have your own portable ice maker?

1. Many portable ice makers have three types of setting and produce three varied sizes of ice cubes –small, medium and large.
2. Ice made from portable makers is shaped like a bull with a hole going through the center.
3. Sometimes ice cubes appear clear and white, Made from filtered water, it has clean and refreshing taste.
4. All portable ice makers are slightly different with individual features. Pick the ice maker that will work for you.
5. Most portable ice makers need electricity, just plugged into a wall outlet and your ice cubes are on the way!

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Reasons why you should have an ice maker?
• Endless supply of ice
You will never run out of ice and spoil your party. Nothing ruins a party faster than running out of ice. This appliance produces ice automatically and continuously. It is capable of producing about 30 pounds of ice per day, which is the ideal amount for a small gathering. As soon as the ice is formed, you can take the ice out of the machine and keep in your freezer. With such capacity of making ice, you can feel safe that there will be always enough ice to meet your requirement. When you have your own portable ice maker, you can easily create ice at any time of the day. Just use the machine and you can already have ice supply. This is simply perfect for any event or occasion. Whether you need ice for home use or if you are having a party, your portable ice maker can do the job and no need for a bag of ice that you need to buy.

Ice Maker for Home Use

• Being portable, ice makers can be carried anywhere.
Portable ice maker weighs from 20 to 30 lbs. so easily carried to BBQs, camps, picnics and other events where ice cubes are needed. You can bring the ice maker when you go hiking or fishing, not just to provide cold drinks but to keep your catch fresh. What is nice with portable ice makers is that with their size you get to have an ice machine that you will not have any trouble carrying it anywhere. Wherever you are as long as there is an electric supply, you can use your ice maker.

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• Maximize space
Ice makers come in a variety of sizes & shapes and are designed to make the most of any space. Your countertop is the best place to keep your portable ice machine so it does not need to occupy any floor space at all. With its portable size, it does not consume too much space in your kitchen. You can easily place it in any spot in your kitchen,

• Reasonably priced
You don’t have to be rich to buy the ice maker. The price is very competitive. In fact, in the customer’s reviews, many testimonials claimed that the price is affordable and even cost less that the convenience it offers. It is cost effective and has many uses. Depending on the ice maker, there are several brands offering affordable products.

• For health reasons
Health conscious people concoct nutritious and low calorie snacks with the help of the ice makers. You can buy a portable crushed ice maker and make some delicious food at home. Ice alleviates soreness and pain from bruises, burns, inflammation and scrapes. Ice therapy is the remedy for many bodily ailments.

• Making bartending easy
Every barista’s choice is the portable ice maker that serves as his/her ally in preparing fantastic drink that are served to guests. It can be used at home to prepare some mind blowing cocktails for friends.

• Ideal camping partner
Even if you will go camping in Timbuktu, you will have your daily supply of ice. With portable ice maker, your camping adventure will be perfect. No more running to the corner store for bag of ice as the portable ice machine is there for you.

• Easy and simple to use
Ice makers are user-friendly being easy to use and operate. Small kids and seniors do not have to grapple with switches and wires to operate the machine. Just fill the tray with water and plug in the switch. Voila! a tray of ice cubes will be produced within just a few minutes.

• Make your own ice at the comfort of your own home.
With your portable ice maker, you can make ice from the comfort of your own home. No more going out or waiting for water to solidify in your freezer. The good news is that the new models enable you to make ice cubes of different shapes giving entertainment something to talk about.

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Ice makers are easy to use and they make your home entertainment perfect or provide cool refreshments along the road. An ice machine keeps your drinks cold as you wait for the coming of good times. Ice makers provide enough ice to keep any party cool and going!

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