Tips When Buying Ice Makers

For people who love to entertain, ice machine is indispensable. Ice makers keep drinks cool during the summer heat or add frivolity in celebrating year-round holidays as Valentines, Thanksgiving or Yuletide events. With the use of a portable ice maker, you no longer have to keep on running out of ice supply. Plus, you do not have to go out to the store in case you need them right away. just You need ice to keep the drinks in your home bar cool and to minimize the bruises, bumps and scrapes of your energetic kids. On the other hand, for owners of a cafés or restos, buying an ice maker is a must. The market offers for home or business use a wide variety of fine quality ice makers.

What Are Ice Makers?

An ice maker is an automatic appliance that makes ice. They are different when it comes to the amount of ice produced, budget, price and quality. There are two types of ice makers: the portable and commercial. Portable ice makers are best for home use and are available in most appliance and department stores. They are cheaper and easily stored because they are more compact. Ice makers designed for commercial use are found in outlets specializing in catering and food supplies. They are more expensive and difficult to maintain. You can buy a brand new or a used ice maker in the market.

Tips When Buying Ice Maker

There are different kinds of portable ice makers. They vary in technical specifications, features and other details.

Easy to Use Ice Maker

Choosing a portable ice maker is a tedious and difficult task since these days, there are diverse brands of portable ice makers with interesting designs flooding the market. A wrong choice will waste your money and time, so prior to your purchase, be sure that the portable ice maker of your choice can best satisfy your need. Here are some valuable tips:

• Your Budget

Before the purchase, get a price range that is within your budget. Find the average cost of a portable ice maker and then compare the prices between shops. You have only to surf the web and get an accurate price range of portable ice gadget. Product reviews are good sources of information of the ice maker you plan to purchase. With so many options to choose from, even if for instance you are looking for a cheap portable ice maker, you will not have any difficulty looking for one.

• Amount of ice needed

Another key factor in choosing a portable ice maker is an estimate of the amount of ice you need. This determines the size of the portable ice machine you will buy. If you plan to entertain, buy a portable ice machine that can produce adequate ice for a party. A compact ice maker produces a maximum 35 pounds a day, while a small one makes maximum 28 pounds a day. The portable ice maker creates ice in a short of time; it takes only from 10-20 minutes and the quality is excellent. If you need more ice, you purchase a commercial ice maker. If this is only for home use, it is not necessary to get a huge ice maker.

Silver Ice Maker

• Amount of ice to be stored

Only a small amount of ice is kept in most portable ice maker; however this amount of ice cannot be kept for longer period. So you have to produce only the amount of ice you need for the occasion. If you need larger amount of ice to store, you can buy a larger portable ice machine which has a corresponding larger storage.

• Size of ice cubes required

Varied shapes of ice cubes are produced by portable ice makers; in fact, some of the newest models create three sizes of ice cubes – the small, middle and large sizes. The type of drinks affects the size of the ice. Consider buying the portable ice maker that produces the ice cube size you need. New models of portable ice makers allow you to control the size of ice cube but it is more expensive.

• Easy to set up and use

Setting up the portable ice maker is very easy. All you have to do is to pour water and plug it. Then wait for several minutes for the ice and then you take it. Your favorite ice makers allow you to determine what will be size of the ice cubes is suit for your need. On top of that, you should also opt for an ice maker that is easy to use.

• User-friendly maintenance

Proper maintenance guarantees longer usage of your ice maker. The best one is easy to maintain and operate. Being user-friendly, you have simply to wipe down the outside of the unit and clean the water reservoir regularly after use. This makes it easier for you plus you can also save yourself from worries since you do not have to replace your ice maker.

Get a trusted brand

At the end of the day, you would still go for that brand that is reputable and highly trusted. Read online reviews so you can have a personal feel and you can assess if the ice maker suits what you need. Chances are if the product has been getting good reviews then it follows that customers are satisfied with its features, specifications, and performance.

There are many reasons why you would want to buy an ice maker. A wide array of high-quality ice gadgets made for home or commercial use is available in the market. Before making any final purchase, consider the tips given to make a good deal. Buyers in the comfort of their home or office can search for listing on the internet to find the right ice maker to suit their needs. With all the benefits that you can get, having your own portable ice maker definitely helps a lot especially if you want to have ice supply anytime you want.

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Jack Palmer - April 26, 2016

You bring up a great point, “With the use of a portable ice maker, you no longer have to keep on running out of ice supply.” It really would be convenient to have around for parties and gatherings. We will have to look into getting one for our home. Thanks for sharing!

Luke Yancey - October 12, 2016

I agree– you should really think about the size of the ice cubes you need before buying an ice machine. The best are the machines that can produce various sizes. The only problem with these is that they are usually a little more expensive. However, if price is not as much of a factor, you should have nothing to worry about.

Bobby Saint - December 6, 2017

I like that you provided some tips when buying ice makers such as considering your budget first before purchasing one. It is highly encouraged that you do your own research first online and compare prices of different ice makers. You may also want to check for any reviews and ratings given by others. This way, you would have an idea more or less which ice maker is perfect for you. If I were to purchase one myself, I would definitely take this into consideration. Thanks.

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