Five Reasons Your Office Breakroom Needs a Think Gizmos Ice Maker

It’s bad enough when you open the freezer at home, and find that the ice cube trays are empty, but it’s so much worse when it happens at work. You stick your head into the freezer, and you pull out the empty trays in sheer disbelief. Don’t you work with adults? Don’t you work with civilized people who know that you never put back an empty tray?

You might expect your teenagers to act that way, but not your coworkers. In work environments, when tensions can already be high, and stress is heaped on top of deadlines, the tiniest spark can light a major fuse. Things like empty ice cube trays can start never-ending email chains, and strongly worded memos.

Five Reasons Your Office Needs a Think Gizmos Ice Machine 

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To avoid all that unpleasantness, what your office really needs is an ice cube maker. It can instantly reduce the tension, and return everyone to his or her happy worker-bee status. Here are five reasons that your office needs a Think Gizmos ice maker machine.

1. It’s Compact

Office break rooms are notoriously small, and you don’t want to waste counterpace if you don’t need to. Between the microwave, and the coffee pot, you’re often not left with a lot of extra space. Good thing that Think Gizmos is a small ice maker.

It will fit neatly on the counter, and it doesn’t require any plumbing or fancy hookups. That means you can put it anywhere that makes sense, and anywhere that is easily accessible to everyone.

2. It Makes Lots of Ice

As ice makers go, a Think Gizmos is pretty proficient. It can make up to twenty-six pounds of ice in a twenty-four hour period. That’s enough ice to keep battles from breaking out, and you don’t have to worry about coming upon an empty bin. However, even in an emergency, it can make ice in a matter of minutes.

Once you turn the machine on, it can actually start churning out cubes in six minutes. You won’t even spend half your coffee break waiting on ice, and you’ll still have time to scroll through Facebook.

3. You Can Forget About It

Office kitchen appliances get used, and abused. No one cleans out the fridge, or covers their soup when they microwave it. What happens to the appliances in the breakroom is usually someone else’s problem. Normally that can mean bad things, but a Think Gizmos ice maker is independent. No one has to pay attention to it.

That’s because any unused ice melts back into the reservoir to be made into ice again. Sure, at some point, someone will have to add water, but for the most part, the ice maker is self sufficient. You plug it in, select from one of three sizes of ice cubes, and then let it get to work.

The ice bucket also holds a little over two pounds of ice at a time, and it has a sensor that automatically shuts off the machine once the bucket is full. Again, it’s just another way that the ice maker works without being supervised. If only some of your coworkers were as reliable.

4. It’s Lightweight

The ice maker itself weighs just over twenty-five pounds, so you don’t have to worry that it will weight down a countertop or be hard to move when needed. It advertises that it is a portable machine, and it really is. You can test it out in one area of the office, and move it to a better spot if need be. It might first make sense in the kitchen, but it might work better next to the water cooler. Either way, you have the freedom to move it.

5. It’s a Great Value

A Think Gizmos ice maker can be a great addition to your office breakroom without breaking the bank. It is affordable enough that a little petty cash may cover the cost, but if not, a small collection among your coworkers could easily do the trick.

The price also means that no one has to make a major investment. Judging by how harsh your corkers can be on the rest of the kitchen appliances, you might not want to shell out lots of money on an ice maker. With a Think Gizmos you know that you’re getting top quality performance without paying top dollar.

Boost Office Morale with Think Gizmos 

A Think Gizmos ice maker can revolutionize your office breakroom. You’ll no longer walk in searching for ice only to leave with a tepid beverage and a hot a temper. Instead, you’ll always have plenty of ice, and you won’t have to read, or send, any angry emails. At least when it comes to ice, that is.

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