Three Ways Sub Zero Wolf Can Help You Revolutionize Your Refrigeration and Freezer Needs

Over the years, you’ve probably seen your refrigerator make some major changes. You might remember the one from your first apartment that was smaller than a standard model, and had a freezer that could barely fit your ice cube trays. Then there was the first fridge that you ever bought, with the side-by-side doors, and the freezer compartments that pulled out for easy storage.

Three Ways Sub Zero Wolf Gives You Custom Refrigeration and Freezer Options 

It’s true that refrigeration has come a long way, even in the past few decades. You might be glancing over at your stainless steel model with the pullout freezer and think that finally, you have the food storage you always wanted.

Sub Zero Wolf might beg to differ. In fact, Wolf appliances is revolutionizing refrigeration in ways you can only dream of. That might sound a tad dramatic considering it is just refrigeration, but you might feel differently once you take a closer look. Here are three ways that Sub Zero Wolf can revolutionize your refrigeration and freezer options.

1. Under Counter Drawers

Sub Zero Wolf

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The notion that a refrigerator could use a drawer instead of door for the freezer compartment was a major game-changer. Sub Zero Wolf builds on that concept by breaking both refrigerators and freezers down, into under counter drawers of varying sizes.

Organizing food in a standard side-by-side unit is like trying to get all your outdoor sports equipment into the hall closet. No matter what you do there’s never a way to keep the important things right where you need them, and at a certain point, everything just comes tumbling out.

So instead of all that calamity and disorder, imagine that underneath your kitchen island you have separate drawers for your refrigerator, and sub-zero freezer. You can choose from several sizes of cabinets, and even get more than one of each kind. Do you dare to dream of having an entire unit devoted to weekly produce? What about a drawer with all of your kids’ lunches neatly stacked and prepped for the week? It sounds glorious, right?

The units also fit seamlessly into your kitchen. Stainless steel is nice, but it’s not camouflaged the way these under the counter cabinets can be. The outer panels are customizable to match your kitchen’s cabinetry, and blend right in. In refrigeration, form has finally met function.

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2. Compact Refrigeration

Sub Zero Wolf also features a line of compact refrigerators that are designed to sit under the countertops of your kitchen, or reside anywhere in your home that you might need refrigeration.

They feature an eight bottle sliding wine rack, and cutting edge refrigeration technology. They’re a great addition to your kitchen if you are looking for something that blends in, and they’re just as great in a rec room, or a study.

When everyone is gathered together in your finished basement watching the big game, no one has to travel far to get more refreshments, or to refill the salsa.

In your kitchen, you don’t have to worry about how your kids will access the food on the top shelves. Everything is accessible to everyone. That means there’s no excuse for not grabbing the healthy snacks.

3. Beverage Centers

Make your home the place that people like to come to, and your kitchen the place that people like to gather in. The Sub Zero Wolf collection of under counter beverage centers can help you do exactly that.

They’re a stylish way to keep all of your beverages in one organized place. You can customize them to match your cabinetry, and their UV-resistant glass doors provide a contemporary touch.

They can store soda, beer, wine, and water, and look great doing it. Your kids can head to the beverage center after school to grab flavored water, and your guests will always know where to look when they want to grab a drink.

Beverage centers are both upscale and inviting. They add a luxurious flair to your kitchen, but they can also make it appear more cozy and down-to-earth. The clear glass pane seems to say, ”Please, help yourself.”

By separating out the beverages from the rest of your refrigerated items you can also keep a degree of privacy. Sure, your refrigerator isn’t home to anything top-secret, but it’s nice that people don’t have to go rummaging through it just to find the water.

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Find the Best Refrigeration and Freezer Options for Your Home

With all their various refrigeration and freezer options, Sub Zero Wolf makes it easy to upgrade the way you store your food and beverages. They help make your food storage organized, your beverages accessible, and your home stylish, and always inviting.

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