The Two Best Ways to Get Sonic Ice At Home

There is a lot to love about the fast-food chain Sonic. They serve classic burgers and shakes without pretention, or apology. They have an extensive menu that has something for everyone, and everything they serve is tantalizing, even their ice.

In fact, Sonic ice is pretty famous. It might not be quite as popular as their shakes, but it is a big part of why their frozen drinks are so popular. Yes, people love Sonic ice. They love it so much they travel for miles just to get some. A quick Internet search reveals just how much people crave Sonic ice, and just what they’ll go through to get some.

This phenomenon may be hard for some people to understand, but if you love to chew ice, then you totally get it. Sonic ice is soft, chewable, and a treat of its own. There’s so much to love about it, but how can you get some of your own? It’s not the most practical thing in the world to make a road trip just for ice. Not that you aren’t willing to do it, of course, but luckily there are easier ways.

The Two Best Ice Machines for Sonic Ice at Home

You can actually make your own sonic ice at home, as long as you have the right kind of Sonic ice machine. If you are looking for a Sonic ice maker, there are two incredible options available that will give you the chewy ice that you crave, without having to make a pilgrimage whenever you crave it. Here are the top two sonic ice makers to give you ice Sonic style at home.

1. The Scotsman Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine

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Scotsman is a trusted name in the world of ice machines, and they were also the first company to create and produce nugget ice. Nugget ice is the name for the small, and chewy ice that is so much a part of Sonic’s legend.

Nugget ice is chewy and compact, and it is great at absorbing flavors. No wonder it works so well in Sonic’s slushes, and no wonder you want to capture the same experience at home. Nugget ice actually makes your drinks taste better.

Scotsman nugget ice machines are probably pretty close to the ice Sonic actually uses. That’s because of the quality of ice they produce, and the quantity. The Scotsman Brilliance can produce up to eighty pounds of ice in a twenty-four hour period.

The Scotsman Brilliance ice machine can give you quality ice in great quantities, but it is still compact and sleek enough for home use. It fits neatly under your countertop, and you can choose from a stainless steel finish, or a custom panel to match your kitchen cabinetry.

Imagine the surprise of your friends, and neighbors, when that unassuming cabinet of yours starts producing chewy and delectable Sonic ice. If you weren’t already the coolest household on the block, you will be shortly.

You can even install it outside on your patio, or around your pool. You can make fresh lemonade for your kids, and serve it poolside, or you can enjoy a mojito on a hot day with a good book, and a good tan.

2. The Opal Nugget Ice Maker

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The Opal Nugget ice maker produces the same chewable ice as the Scotsman, but it does it at both a lower capacity, and a lower price. It can produce twenty-four pounds of ice per day, and it can store three pounds at a time. It is capable of making enough for parties when you need it, but it won’t overwhelm a small household either.

Its compact shape allows it to easily fit on your kitchen counter, and you don’t have to worry about installing it anywhere. You can choose the spot that makes the most sense for your home, and your family, and you can move it as needed.

It’s small enough and portable enough that you can use it in multiple places. All you need is an outlet, and in fifteen minutes you have the perfect ice to chill your beverages.

You can even throw Sonic parties with your Opal ice machine. Struggling to think of a great party theme for your kid’s next big bash? Limeades and ice drinks all around. You’ll have ice for slushes, and plenty of ice to make frozen drinks, smoothies, and shakes.

With the portability you can host the party outside, and let the kids run off all that steam, and sugar, before sending them home. When the festivities wrap up, you can tote your ice maker back inside for easy cleanup.

The Freedom to Enjoy Sonic Ice Anytime You Want It

Both the Scotsman, and the Opal nugget ice makers allow you to take the taste of Sonic home. You can use their chewy ice to make a whole host of delicious cold beverages, and you never have to worry about how close, or far, the nearest Sonic is.

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