Five Reasons You’ll Love Your Opal Nugget Ice Maker

There was probably a time when ice wasn’t really all that important to you. Those were the days when you were carefree. Maybe it was when you had three roommates, and you were just happy to have dishes. It could have been before you got married, or before you started a family.

Whenever it was, you know there was a time that ice didn’t really matter to you. But that time has passed. In fact, these days, ice seems really important to you.

It’s important to you when you’re suddenly on snack duty for tomorrow’s soccer game, or when you are hosting the holidays. Ice is also probably most important when you open up the freezer, and find that there isn’t any. When you have warm drinks, and a crowd of people who want cool refreshment, you start to see how vital ice is.

So if ice is important, then having a fast and easy way to provide it, is just as important. No one is ever going to refill the ice trays, so you can give up that dream, and buying ice from the store isn’t much better. The ice is heavy, clunky, and requires a jackhammer just to get at it.

Five Reasons an Opal Nugget Ice Maker is the One You’ve Been Waiting For 

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That’s why a lot of people turn to a home ice maker to deliver the ice they need whenever they need it. The Opal ice maker is one of the most popular models of ice makers, and it can make your life a lot easier. Here are five reasons why you’ll love your opal nugget icemaker.

1. The Nugget Ice is Chewable

Odds are that someone in your household loves to chew on ice. Even if they didn’t before, the Opal will ensure that they want to start. It’s okay though, because the nugget ice that the machines produce is actually chewy.

No one is going to chip a tooth by chewing on it. In fact, it’s made to be chewed, crunched, and devoured. It helps you and your family satisfy that craving to chew without feeling worried, or self-conscious.

2. The Nugget Ice Absorbs Flavors

Part of what makes the ice so much to chew, apart from its texture, is the way that it absorbs flavors. Isn’t it great when you get to the last bit of soda, and ice in your glass, and the cubes still hold that sugary taste? The Opal nugget ice gives you that sensation with every cube.

It’s the perfect ice for frozen drinks, fruity cocktails, and cold coffee beverages. Put a little pizzazz in your morning cup of Joe by serving it over delicious nugget ice. You’ll get to sip that caffeinated goodness all day long.

3. The Ice Bin is Easy to Remove

There are plenty of ice machines that can produce quality ice in perfect quantities, but they aren’t all as user-friendly as Opal is. Once the ice bin has reached its three-pound capacity it is incredibly easy to empty. You don’t have to fumble with tricky parts, or slave away scooping out every last little bit.

All you have to do is pop the clear bin out, deposit your ice in a cooler, or ice bucket, and pop the bin back in. You save time and effort, and you get your Opal right back to making the ice that you need.

4. It Won’t Break the Bank

Home ice machines can get really expensive, really fast. That’s because most of them walk a fine line between something that is made for commercial use, and something that is made for household use.

It’s great that other models of ice makers can produce nearly a hundred pounds of ice in a single day, but your family is not likely to consume ice at that high a rate. You end up paying for capabilities that you don’t need. It’s like paying for a limousine, when what you really need is a station wagon.

Part of Opal’s mission at its inception was to find a way to bring quality nugget ice into people’s homes without breaking the bank. They have accomplished this, and they have made a home ice machine less of an eccentric luxury, and more of an everyday item.

5. It Will Look Stylish on Your Countertop

Ordinarily, you don’t really want to put your ice bin on display, but Opal ice makers turn ice into a focal point. The machine makes your ice bin look like a work of art by putting the ice on center stage. Instead of staring at another lifeless stainless steel piece of machinery, you get a little window into the world of ice cubes. You can even sit and watch the bin fill up.

Discover the Difference with an Opal Ice Maker 

In no time at all you’ll be making the most of your Opal Nugget ice machine by enjoying chewable ice anytime, anywhere. You’ll see immediately why Opals are taking the ice machine business by storm, and you’ll be so glad you made the switch.

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