Three Reasons You’ll Host Better Parties With a Nutrichef Ice Maker

nutrichef ice maker

Every neighborhood has that one house that always throws the best parties. The food is always great, the hosts are always gracious and inviting, and the atmosphere is always friendly, and relaxed.

Does that sound like your house? Are you the go-to spot for parties in your neighborhood? You probably are. You create a warm atmosphere, you give killer introductions, and you and your Pinterest account have the upscale snacks on lockdown. So yeah, you’re pretty good at throwing parties, but there’s a secret weapon that can help make them even better.

Three Reasons the Nutrichef Ice Maker Will Improve Your Parties

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The Nutrichef ice maker can help make the difference between a party that’s pretty good, and one that the neighbors can’t stop talking about. Here are three reasons that a Nutrichef ice maker machine will help you host better parties.

1. It Makes Lots of Ice Very Quickly

Signature drinks, and specialty cocktails are quickly becoming a must for any good party. It’s not enough to just offer beer and wine anymore. Your guests want Moscow Mules. They want punches, and frozen drinks. They want to drink something that is memorable, and unique. After all, if they just wanted a beer, they could stay at home.

So you’ve done a little research, found some great cocktail recipes, and you’re ready to try them out. While these drinks require a lot of separate ingredients, the one thing they all need is ice.

The Nutrichef produces thirty-three pounds of ice in twenty-four hours, so you’ll always have plenty on hand. You can have a cooler stocked with water and soda for the kids, or pitchers of sweetened ice tea for another non-alcoholic option. Plus, you’ll still have plenty of ice left over to stock the bar.

The Nutrichef can also make ice in just nine minutes. That means that even if your ice supply gets low, you won’t be in danger of committing a party foul. In less than ten minutes your signature cocktails will be back up and running. That’s a whole lot faster than freezing a tray of ice cubes, and it’s also faster than ducking out to the corner gas station to drag home a bag.

2. You Can Take it With You Anywhere

The Nutrichef is a perfect countertop ice maker. It’s lightweight, it has a compact design, and it can go anywhere you can find an outlet. That puts the drink station totally in your control. You don’t have to force everyone into the kitchen just so that they can be near the refreshments. How many parties have you thrown where everyone just ends up around your kitchen island? You love that island, but you want them to branch out, and mingle.

With the Nutrichef you can set up your bar anywhere you want. You can even plug the ice maker in on your patio for the perfect summer fete.

That’s because the Nutrichef gives you two options for water supply. You can connect it to a waterline to conveniently get ice without even thinking about it, or you can simply fill the reservoir. The freedom to choose between the two gives you convenience when you want it, and portability when you need it.

3. Guests Can Help Themselves

Self-service can be a lot of fun for guests. It puts them in control of their experience, and they can feel free to imbibe without having to trouble you. Sure, a pitcher of ice, and a plastic scoop can serve the same purpose, but it’s just not as much fun.

The electric dispenser feature on the Nutrichef has a great wow-factor. Most people don’t have fancy ice makers in their homes, let alone ones that dispense ice at the touch of a button. The closest you’ll come is a built-in ice maker that dispenses ice right from the freezer door. You’ve probably had that ice before though, and you know that taste and texture can’t really be remedied by simple convenience.

With the Nutrichef guests get pure, fresh ice, and they can even select from two ice cube sizes. The LED screen is easy for guests to use, and they’ll have lots of fun playing with your high-tech toy. They won’t even notice that they’re on bartender duty, and they might even start fixing drinks for other guests.

Start Hosting Even Better Parties with a Nutrichef Ice Maker

It’s easy to see why the Nutrichef gets such great portable ice maker reviews. It is a convenient and fun machine to use, and it does a great job of producing lots of ice in a short amount of time. With the Nutrichef you are sure to rule the next block party, conquer the Fourth of July crowds, and give your neighbors something good to talk about.

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