Maytag Ice Maker

Maytag Ice Maker

We recently reviewed a Maytag ice maker, and we're excited to share with everyone what we discovered while testing it, our thoughts on it, and whether it is overall a good ice maker. This is especially pertinent information for those who are low in the ice department, but want to cool off their drinks during the summer to beat the heat, yet still have ice left over for snow cones.

What Is the Maytag Ice Maker?

The Maytag ice maker is an attachment for a Maytag refrigerator that either is missing an ice maker or somehow broke the first one, in which case it would be​product​​​ a replacement. This Maytag ice maker just needs to be put into a fridge that has the right hookups for it, then wait for the ice to start being made. It will even empty itself out.

Product Specs

Included in the Maytag ice maker are installation instructions, its ice maker, and its ice bucket which can hold about 20 pounds of ice. Its ice cubes are also quite large compared to some ice cubes we have seen before, which we definitely enjoyed.


This Maytag ice maker can be bought for around $120 dollars on the Maytag site, around $110 dollars on Amazon, and about $115 dollars on Appliance Part Pros. This gave us a good idea that this product generally costs around $115 dollars, although it can fluctuate its price a bit.

How It Compares

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We picked a couple of similar products that are available on the market to see how they compare to each other.

Whirlpool W10715709 Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit
Supco RIM6000 Icemaker Kit
Whirlpool 2198597 Icemaker
Supco RIM8224 Icemaker Kit

Whirlpool W10715709 Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit For Maytag

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The Maytag Ice Maker We Used

This may cost a good amount of money for a replacement part, but it is well worth it for the quality, speed, and ease you receive from this purchase. A major upside to this Maytag ice maker is that in this review it is one of the 2 ice makers that comes with its own ice storage container. This is the most expensive on the list, but the reason it isn't 3 symbols is that it comes with pretty much all you need.

Ease of Use                      

So easy to use that all you do is let it make ice for you, then you pull it out and use it. The hardest part might be deciding what to put ice in first, but thankfully the Maytag ice maker can make a lot of ice.

Assembly Time                

So long as you read the instructions and have the right model refrigerator as we did, assembly goes by like a breeze. We took around 15 minutes to get it in and we're able to enjoy our efforts with the ice it created soon after.

Design Quality                

We generally would have lowered the stars since it doesn't have a way to get ice without going into the freezer, but since this Maytag ice maker works with so many models it instead impressed us which increased its rating.


This warranty is still good, it's just not stellar like a lifetime warranty would be. Just because it doesn't have a lifetime warranty it isn't automatically worse though, it is still sufficient to take care of a majority of your needs.


  • The ice maker is extremely easy to install
  • The size of the cubes produced are huge so you get more enjoyment from your ice
  • The Maytag ice maker can hold a lot of ice so you should always have some ready
  • If you ever run out of ice, you shouldn't have to wait long


  • If it doesn't fit your fridge, you will not have a fun time
  • The warranty sadly is not a lifetime one
  • Your refrigerator needs a water hookup for this to function, or at least the capability.
  • The version we received required us to supply our own tube.
  • Costs the most out of all reviewed ice makers

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Supco RIM6000 Icemaker Kit

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The great thing about this ice maker kit is that it has the ability to make a lot of ice in around 1-2 hours if you have the settings correct. Another one is that it only weighs around 4 pounds when it doesn't have any ice in it.

Price Approximately $60 dollars Very Affordable

Much cheaper than the Maytag ice maker but it is easy to see the dip it takes in its quality to compensate for that price. It does, however, come with a container for ice which makes it the last one in this review that does so.

Ease of Use                      

To get this machine working you sadly can't just plug it in and forget, make sure you turn your freezer temperature down or else, even with nothing else in the freezer it will take you at least 5 hours to make ice. When you turn down the temperature, though it makes ice fast.

Assembly Time                  

This took us much longer to put together than the Maytag ice maker did. We took about an hour to figure it out and then we took even longer to figure out we needed to turn down the freezer's temperature to actually make the ice. Once it was over we did, however, enjoy quite a cool drink, but that wasn't enough to save this one's assembly time rating.

Design Quality                    

The biggest issues we had with this one is that it can only fit specific refrigerators, it needs to have the freezer temperature all the way down to work well, and that despite its long set up time we still needed to reach inside the freezer to grab our ice.


Just like the Maytag ice maker, this one too has a good warranty whose only downside appears to be it not being lifetime, but it should cover enough so that you will be satisfied should anything happen to your new ice maker.


  • Can make a set of ice in as fast as 2 hours
  • Can possibly fit some of those pesky refrigerators you couldn't find an ice maker for yet
  • The warranty should cover any issues that can arise with the ice maker


  • You first need to turn down the temperature in the freezer if you want ice at a usable speed
  • If you want your ice to come out at 2 hours per set you can't have anything else in the freezer
  • Takes a long time to assemble into your fridge
  • It only fits a select few fridges so you need to triple check it will fit yours

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Whirlpool 2198597 Icemaker

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This ice maker features an extremely simple installation that can even be figured out with no instructions, and even if you need help to assemble it, there are plenty of videos online that show detailed methods of assembly

Price- About $90 dollars

This may not cost as much as the Maytag ice maker but keep in mind you will need to supply the container that allows for storage of the ice and it needs to fit this ice maker.

Ease of Use                          

After you hook the ice maker up all you should have to do is wait for it to make the ice. If you aren't satisfied with its creation speed, then you can try to turn the temperature down.

Assembly Time                  

This is almost as fast as the Maytag ice maker and requires about 20 minutes if you watch a video to help guide you along and if you are hooking it up to a fridge whose model supports this system

Design Quality                    

The quality is rather poor which disappointed us. For something that cost as much as it did we expected it to be of a very high quality but it does not come with a container for the ice and its tray is made of Teflon which has a chance of being harmful if it flakes into the container. Not to mention the fact that it still forced us to grab the ice with our hands which still disappointed us.


This warranty disappointed us greatly because it only has a 1-year warranty from the time in which you installed it, which you wouldn't normally imagine recording onto anything which gives them a way to not pay to repair your parts. Again, this is something we wouldn't expect from an ice maker costing so much to do.


  • Easy to install, even more so if you watch a video
  • Easy to use
  • Makes ice at a decent pace, enough to satisfy your desires.


  • A terrible, 1-year warranty
  • It has a terrible design quality that does not fit its price
  • Uses Teflon in its ice tray which can be harmful if it is flaking

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Supco RIM8224 Icemaker Kit

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Something that immediately struck me about this ice maker was that it seemed to have a vibe like it was from a few decades ago, but it definitely didn't work like it was.

The cheapest ice maker in this bunch

This is the absolute cheapest ice maker we are reviewing and the most expensive is the Maytag ice maker.

Ease of Use                          

It is another ice maker that is easy to use once you get past the assembly portion of the job, but thankfully it makes its ice not long after you finish the work which always makes our hard work enjoyable. You have to make sure you had hooked everything up correctly so you are actually making ice and so that everything works the way it should.

Assembly Time                  

Doesn't require many steps to get done and can get the whole process done quickly, which makes it all to enjoy the cold drinks you have been craving for. We noticed while working on it we didn't even have to undo some screws all the way since the ice maker would just slip right into its slot which made things go by a lot faster for us.

Design Quality                  

The downside to this one is that, like the previous one, it did not come with a bucket so that adds a cost if you don't have one that fits it. It also fits a select number of refrigerators so you must make sure before you purchase that this will fit.


Only a 1-year warranty so it loses out on being the lifetime warranty points, but it earns points where some others were lacking because it is thankfully quite a cheap model so if the warranty runs out and something happens it will not cost much to replace it.


  • Cheapest to buy
  • Makes ice almost the fastest from the reviewed ice makers
  • Has a neat look to it unlike other ice makers that look bland
  • Possibly the fastest assembly time out of what we reviewed


  • It does not come with a bucket which adds to the cost
  • If you pass the warranty, you will just have to purchase another one

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After we finished comparing the Maytag ice maker to all these other ice makers, we have concluded that out of all these ice makes it gets a 5 out of 5 stars, with the only downsides being its warranty and its price. The warranty is not a bad one, so it is understandable given the ice makers price, and regarding the price, you pay that much for the quality and speed it brings so that is how we determined that it is 5 stars. The runner-up is the Supco RIM8224 Ice maker kit, but it was still not as good even though it was cheaper, it could not catch up. The Maytag ice maker is the winner.

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