The Top Three Marvel Ice Makers for All Your Ice Cube Needs

Making ice is a pretty easy task. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to have a freezer with a built-in ice maker, it isn’t the end of the world. You grab an empty tray, you fill it with water, and you place it in the freezer. It’s very simple, but the problem is, you’re the only one who ever does it.

Sometimes it feels like your official job is ice maker. You wonder if the other inhabitants of your home have lost the recipe, and from time to time you consider posting the instructions on the freezer door.

You can battle your family if you want, and you can spend your time filling tray after tray to keep up with the rampant ice consumption, or you can find an easier way.

The Top Three Marvel Ice Makers for Your Home Ice Needs

Marvel offers lots of home ice machine options that are perfect for a variety of needs. You can choose from several different capacities, shapes, and sizes, to find the right one for you, and your home. Here are the top three Marvel ice makers to make your life easier.

1. Marvel Professional 15″ Clear Ice Machine

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This compact little machine fits perfectly under any counter, and its stainless steel finish provides a sleek, modern look. It will blend in with the rest of your kitchen appliances, and it works quietly enough to go unnoticed. It can produce an astounding thirty-nine pounds of ice per day, and it can store up to thirty-five pounds at a time.

When it’s your turn to bring the cooler of snacks for the soccer game, you’ll have no trouble. You’ll easily be able to handle tailgating duties, Fourth of July block parties, and family reunions. No more filling tray after tray, and no more going to the store to buy ice.

With thirty-nine pounds available per day, you’ll always have what you need, whenever you need it. If you get the sudden urge to actually put your homemade ice cream maker to work, you’re Marvel will be ready with all the ice you need.

Plus, this Marvel machine features an LED light that projects one of three colors through your clear ice. That’s a lot better than fighting off an avalanche of frozen chicken to get to a tray of cloudy ice cubes somewhere in the back.

2. Marvel 15iM-BB-F-R Compact Crescent Ice Machine

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The 15iM is the perfect model if you are looking for something to compliment an old freezer. Maybe you have a great freezer and refrigerator, but there’s no ice maker. Rather than shell out thousands of dollars on an upgrade, you can get yourself this small model ice maker.

It doesn’t require a drain, so it can be used in lots of convenient places. It fits easily underneath a countertop, but it can also be used freestanding. Maybe you have a man cave in your garage or a kids’ playroom in your basement. Both are perfect spots for an ice machine.

When your kids have friends over watching movies, or playing video games, they can easily get ice for their drinks without bothering you, or making a mess. You get up to twelve pounds of crescent shaped ice a day, and you get to fend off making a major appliance purchase for a little longer.

3. Marvel MP15CP2R 15″ Wide

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If you want to add a little pizazz to your existing home bar, or you’re looking to install one for the first time, this Marvel ice maker machine is the perfect addition. The stainless steel frame, and clear glass door, gives it a modern and inviting look. This is the kind of ice machine that looks less like a clunky appliance, and more like a conversation piece.

Imagine how sophisticated it will look under the bar with its glass door, and LED illuminated ice bin. You can select from three color choices to give the room just the right ambiance. When friends and neighbors see it they just might think they’ve stepped into a trendy nightclub. They might even leave a tip.

Of course, it isn’t just looks that are important. This Marvel model produces up to thirty-nine pounds of ice daily, but saves twenty-five percent on water and electricity. It is efficient, and whisper quiet. You’ll have plenty of ice for cocktails without any whirring, or clunking to interrupt cocktail hour.

Upgrade to a Marvel Ice Machine Today 

Purchasing a Marvel home ice machine can vastly improve your life. You and your family will have ice whenever you need it, and you can turn in your official ice maker title in favor of more important duties.

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