[Infographic] How to Setup and Maintain Your Portable Ice Maker

How to Setup and Maintain Your Portable Ice Maker

[Infographic] How to Setup and Maintain Your Portable Ice Maker

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With a portable ice maker, you can make your own ice right from the comfort of your house without waiting for a long time.

Now you may maybe asking questions about set-up, and maintenance of this portable appliance.

How to set up

Here is the post you have been looking for, it’s about how to set up and maintain an ice maker.

  • Just before you connect your ice make to a power supply, ensure it stand upright for at least 24 hours
  • Place the ice maker in a well-ventilated room whose ambient temperature is about 50˚F and below 90˚F. Ambient temperature means the temperature of the environment.
  • Portable ice makers don’t require permanent water line, so simply put in the water to the full mark.
  • Wait about six minutes and your appliance will make the ice
  • It is advisable to dispose the first batch the ice maker produce because the storage area of your ice maker is for short term use only, so it won’t store ice your ice frozen.
  • Link to the elevator water used by the machine to produce the first batch. This water is used to produce another batch; this saves you money and water resources


To ensure proper maintenance of the ice make;

  • Take out the ice basket
  • To ensure your ice maker continue serving you longer clean the interior with a diluted cleaning solution (warm water and a soft cloth)
  • Note: Do not use any abrasive solution to clean
  • Clean the outer surface of the ice maker regularly with detergent and warm water
  • Dry both the interior and exterior with a soft cloth and make sure you store it in the right (dry) place.
  • Because portable ice makers will require electricity to function make sure the whole area is dry to avoid the risk of electric shock among other dangers.

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