Ice Maker Troubleshooting Guide

Having your own portable ice maker makes it easy for you to make your own fresh ice. Since it is a portable unit, you can easily use these machines for any setting. Whether you need it at home or when you are throwing a party or special occasion, you no longer have to worry as to where you can get an ice portable ice maker make things easy for you. When you have your own portable ice maker, you never have to purchase a bag of ice. Depending on the machine, you can create enough ice that you need for the day. The different brands of portable ice makers and each machine has its own features and specification.

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What happens when you encounter problems with your portable ice maker? Most of the time, there are quick troubleshooting tips that you can do to solve the problem. In case it gets really worse and you have exhausted all of the options then the best thing that you can do is to take your ice maker to a professional repair specialist. Here are some of the troubleshooting tips and guide that you can use if ever you encounter problems.

Ice Maker Will Not Shut Off

If you are ice maker does not shut off and you have tried to press the shut off feature, do not panic. This is a relatively quick fix. In case you are experiencing problem in turning off your machine, here are the steps to do it.

Check the shutoff arm: You need to check the shutoff arm. This is the arm that rises and falls back whenever a new ice is created in the cube bin. There are cases where the ice makes it hard to drop down the shutoff arm. You have the option to turn it off manually. All you need to do is to lift the arm up into its locked position. Make sure that there is nothing that blocks the arm.

Test the shutoff switch: The next step is for you to test the shutoff switch. There are actually two different kinds of ice makers. The first one is the type of ice maker where parts can be replaced individually while the other type is the machine where the parts are grouped together. To test the shutoff switch, make sure that it is unplugged.

Ice Maker Creates Too Much Ice

There are some instances where you only need a certain amount of ice and your machine generates too much ice which can be really messy. This is quite an easy problem to fix. To fix it, you just have to follow the steps and directions as the previous one when your ice maker does not shut off. First is check the shutoff arm and test the shutoff switch. Open your ice maker again and you no longer have to worry about this problem.

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Ice Maker Does Not Make Ice

What happens if your ice maker does not make ice? There is a big chance that there is really something wrong with the machine but there are also cases where you just need a quick fix to address the problem. Now, how do you fix an ice maker that does not make ice?

Check the shutoff arm: The very first step is to check the shutoff arm. Before doing this, read the safety information. Make sure that the arm is supported at both ends or at one end. Look if there is something that is blocking it from having its proper movement.

Check the supply valve: After checking the shutoff arm, the next step is to check the supply valve. When the valve is not in the position to generate enough pressure, the water fails to fill the mold. When you check the water valve, make sure that it is open to allow water to fill the mold.

Inspect the supply line: You should look at the water supply line. There are instances where the supply is damaged causing restrictions in water flow which results to no ice. Look at the supply line if there are kinks that stop the flow of water or if there are leaks.

Test the shutoff switch: Prior to testing the shutoff switch, unplug the machine first to avoid any accident. Check the product manual of your machine as ice makers vary when it comes to their shutoff switch.

Check the temperature of the freezer: Next is to check the temperature of the freezer. The ideal temperature is 5 degrees F.

Look at the ejector gear: Inspect the ejector gear. This differs depending on the type of ice maker that you are using. If you see many holes in your unit with markings, this is a modular unit. If you notice that the ejector blade is moving but eventually stops, this means that the ejector gear is worn out. Apart from looking at the ejector gear, check the ejector motor.

You also need to conduct the following tests to see where the problems lies:
• Test the ice mold heater and the holding switch.
• Test the water inlet switch.
• Look at the thermostat.
• Test the water inlet valve.

When to Ask for Professional Help

The following tips can guide you when you are experiencing problems with your portable ice maker. There are instances where you can fix the problem on your own as long as there is a detailed guide and set of instructions. On the other hand, there are major problems that can be really complicated to fix. In which case, you need to hire a professional who will do the job. If your machine is still covered by the product warranty then you never have to worry as you can just bring your machine to the manufacturer and they will handle the job. But if the warranty already lapses, you may need a repair specialist who work on ice makers. In as much as you want to reduce or avoid repair costs, there are times when you really need to seek for professional help.

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judy wilson - June 21, 2016

It’s helpful to know these tests to find the problem with my ice maker. I haven’t tried testing the water inlet switch or looking at the thermostat yet. If any of these tests indicate a serious problem with it, then I’ll make sure to bring my ice maker to a professional to troubleshoot it.

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