GE Ice Maker: Top Picks To Consider

ge ice maker

There are many ice maker models available on the market today. The GE ice maker is one model you'd like to have to complete the look of your kitchen or commercial space. Apart from being elegant, it's also highly convenient in situations where large quantities of ice are required at a go. 

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What Is a GE Ice Maker?

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GE Appliances is a company well-known for its production of high-quality machines. One of their products is the GE ice maker, which is known for its efficiency and reliability. The GE ice maker can produce 70 ice cubes per cycle and up to 3lbs per day.


The GE ice maker comes with built-in sensors that measure water levels and detect the temperature. The sensor plays a crucial role in ensuring the ice cubes are full-sized and fully frozen before you remove them.

GE ice makers come in two distinct types. One makes nugget-shaped ice cubes, while the other produces clear gourmet ice. Your choice of the best GE ice maker depends on the shape of the ice cubes you'd prefer to serve yourself or your guests.


The installation of the GE ice maker starts by plugging it in directly to a power source. The ice maker comes with a cover over the receptacle. Take off this cover before plugging in the GE ice maker for the first time.

Check to see that there's no air trapped in the inlet water supply. If there is, it'll cause the first water fill cycle to be low. This will cause the ice maker to go through two cycles trying to fill. It's not uncommon for the second fill to overflow slightly.

Even though it should be considered a one-time occurrence, avoid it if you can.


The GE ice maker doesn't start immediately you plug it in. Its temperature must first rise to approximately 15 degrees before it initiates a cycle. After buying your new unit, it's best to wait for up to 24 hours before running a cycle.

This GE ice maker is dependent on the freezer temperature. The freezer dial settings determine the speed at which it produces ice. The freezer compartment must be loaded; otherwise, the temperatures will not drop to a sufficient level to set the ice maker in motion.

GE Ice Maker Specs

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The GE ice maker nugget-type model is a freestanding model which has a production rate of up to 56 pounds per day. The large capacity ice bin can hold up to 26lbs of ice, and it automatically shuts off when it's full.

The ice maker's designed for personalization, with a custom-supplied panel and a custom handle. The ice scoop has a sturdy design which spells convenience for you when transferring the nugget ice cubes. Inside the ice maker is LED lighting that enhances visibility even as you go about your ice production process.

The four leveling legs allow you to place the ice maker in the place most convenient for you. The electronic display has control features to enhance how you operate the machine.


The GE ice maker has reversible door hinges that let you open it from any direction. The custom panel and handle have a stainless steel finish but may do better with a door accessory. The panel is a ¾ inch large.

The dimensions of the GE ice maker are 22.75 by 34 by 14 inches. Its approximate weight is 112lbs. The unit's power rating stands at 110V or 60Hz.


The GE ice maker has reversible door hinges that let you open it from any direction. The custom panel and handle have a stainless steel finish but may do better with a door accessory. The panel is a ¾ inch large.

The dimensions of the GE ice maker are 22.75 by 34 by 14 inches. Its approximate weight is 112lbs. The unit's power rating stands at 110V or 60Hz.

How it Compares

The GE ice maker compares to other models in one or more ways. We picked a few similar ice makers and reviewed them to see how they compare.

  • Chef's Exclusive Ice Maker
  • Whynter UIM-502SS
  • Scotsman CU50GA-1A

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Some of the unique features of the GE ice maker are its large capacity of 50lbs. It features a large bin that can hold up to 26lbs of ice. It produces gourmet and nugget ice cubes.

Residential or Commercial Use

The GE UNC15NJII ice maker is ideal for both residential and commercial purposes. If you are hosting large parties at home, your guests won't have to wait for long before they can have their ice cubes ready. When used in restaurants, the ice maker will keep patrons well entertained.

Design Quality

As a freestanding ice maker, the GE ice maker is easy and convenient to use. It comes with an ice bin that's easy to use and operate.


The GE ice maker has a limited warranty of one year on the whole unit. The sealed refrigerating system is covered for five years. The manufacturer also offers a one-year limited warranty on labor for the entire system.

  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Large capacity production
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic controls
  • Removable bin
  • Produces clean and fresh tasting ice
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Expensive model
  • Replacement parts are hard to get
  • Much larger than the freezer

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Occassionally, you might need a high-capacity gourmet ice maker. At such a time, the Chef's Exclusive Ice Maker will be the best choice for you. This unit produces up to 60lbs of bright and clean ice every 24 hours.

The ice maker is best for small commercial establishments as well as large production of ice at home. The Chef's Exclusive Ice Maker is an excellent addition to large home kitchens, home bars, game rooms, or basements. It's also approved for outdoor use, but only in enclosed spaces.

Its sleek and modern design features a reversible door. This enhances flexibility in installation and use.


The fact that it makes gourmet ice cubes is something to attract to this ice maker. It also has a large capacity, is free-standing, and has a reversible hinge door style.

Residential or Commercial Use

Buy the Chef's ice maker for both commercial and residential purposes

Design Quality

The ice maker is designed for large production in each cycle. It comes with a large storage bin that ensures you don't run out of ice. Its dimensions let you install it as a freestanding or under counter unit.


It comes with a limited warranty of one year.

  • Large capacity
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality ice cubes
  • Durable
  • Applicable for residential and commercial use
  • Noisy
  • Heavier than other models
  • Requires more time to install than other models

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The Whynter UIM-502SS ice maker comes as a freestanding model. It measures 24.5L by 15W by 32.5H inches. The appliance features a sleek stainless steel door, while the cabinet is black.

This unit has a production capacity of 50lbs per day with a bin that holds up to 25lbs of ice when full. It weighs 77lbs and is ideal for commercial purposes.


A Whynter UIM-502SS ice maker comes with a reversible door. Its stainless steel door and black cabinet blend in well with most other kitchen appliances. The bin is insulated to keep your ice frozen for longer.

Residential or Commercial Use

This unit is designed for commercial purposes.

Design Quality

One factor that is well taken care of by this ice maker is the ice production capacity. It makes 50lbs of ice daily and has a storage capacity of 25lbs. Its elegant finish brings out the beauty of your space whether you place it in the office kitchen or bar.


The warranty on the Whynter UIM-502SS is one year long and only covers parts and labor.

  • Large capacity
  • Reversible door swing
  • Ice scoop
  • Water drain hose
  • Not ideal for residential use
  • Manual defrost

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There are ice makers that have a solid build and are designed for convenient production of large quantities of ice. Among them is the Scotsman CU50GA-1A ice maker. It's highly ideal for commercial purposes, producing crystal clear gourmet ice cubes.

The water-quality sensor serves to extend the time between cleanings so that you end you with high-quality ice cubes. The electronic control panel has all the information you need about the status of the ice maker.

A Scotsman CU50GA-1A icemaker can be used outdoors, but in covered areas. It's also approved for under the counter or bar application.


The unit features an air-cooled condenser and a reversible door for increased convenience. It can be installed as an under-the-counter unit, hence perfect for tight spaces.

Residential or Commercial Use

The ice maker is best used for commercial purposes.

Design Quality

The various components of this ice maker make it an appliance of choice among many users. It's designed to produce ice in large capacities while conserving energy use. You can use it for outdoor purposes without causing damage.


The ice maker comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

  • Air cooled
  • Water-quality sensor
  • Approved for outdoor use
  • Gourmet ice cubes
  • High production capacity
  • Energy efficient
  • Expensive


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From the above insights, we concluded that the best unit is the GE ice maker. Although highly priced, it's designed with many desirable features. Its appearance, thermal regulation, production capacity, and freestanding model make it ideal for both residential and commercial purposes.

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