Everything You Need to Know about Flake Ice for Your Business

Flake ice

Most people don’t really spend much time thinking about ice. They think about it when they don’t have it. An empty tray in the depths of their freezer is usually what makes them ponder ice the most.

Why Knowing about Flake Ice is Important to Your Business 

But for you, ice is starting to weigh on your mind more and more. That’s because when you’re in the food-service industry, the ice that goes into your drinks is as important as the glasses they are served in, and the ingredients themselves. As you start, or expand your business, you might have realized that while you know ice is important, you still need to learn more about it.

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You’d probably be pretty fascinated to find out that there is a whole lot about ice that you don’t know. Ice comes in so many shapes, sizes, and varieties that it’s actually almost hard to keep track of. In fact, there are so many names that mean ice, and so many types of ice that you would probably find a diagram, or sketch, helpful.

What Flake Ice Means

One of these ice types is flake ice. You might have heard of flake ice before, but you probably didn’t realize that it refers to a category of ice. Flake ice loosely refers to irregularly shaped ice, and it can be split into scale ice, and granular ice.

There isn’t a big need for you to understand the technical parts of ice for your ordinary home-use, but knowing about it for commercial-use is extremely beneficial.

If you are considering starting a restaurant or food-service business, or if you currently own one, then you’ll want to pay attention. Ice can affect the way you run your whole business, especially if you run out of it.

Scale ice is pretty easy to keep straight. It’s made of flat pieces of thin ice that resemble scales, and it’s also primarily used in the fishing industry. It’s ice that is made to be produced in huge quantifies, and it can be stored below zero. Because it can be stored at such a low temperature, there is a risk of it refreezing into lumps if stored at a higher temperature for too long.

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So unless you have plans to work with fish, and to use literally tons of ice, you’re probably better off with granular ice. Granular ice is produced in several shapes and sizes, but you may know it more commonly as crushed ice. Its size and shape make it perfect for packaging food like fish or meat, for use in bakeries, and to make high-quality beverages.

The Best Way to Get Commercial Flake Ice

Whew, that’s a lot of information about flake ice, but if you think it might be right for your business, you now need to know the best way to get it. There are numerous manufacturers that produce flake ice machines. Some of them also refer to this type of ice as chip ice. While there are lots of good models on the market, one name is trusted above all else.

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This Scotsman under the counter flake ice maker is perfect for a commercial setting. It can produce an astounding four hundred and forty pounds of ice in a single twenty-four hour period, and it can hold up to eighty pounds at a time.

This ice flaker is perfect for any bar, or restaurant that uses flake ice to make cocktails, smoothies, blended drinks, or slushes. It can keep up with customer demands, and it can produce quality ice that absorbs flavors. Its shape and size also make it easy to blend and easy to work with.

If you’re in the market for an ice machine, whether you need to replace an existing one, or you’re just starting out, you know it’s a big decision, and a big investment.

Flake Ice Can Boost Your Business

Of course, the right ice can actually help earn you money. Beverages that are made with fresh flake ice are not only delicious, but they’re also delectable. They look good to your customers. They look good on the bar, and they look good as they are being carried on a serving tray.

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Flake ice is more visually appealing than a standard cube, and drinks that look good, and taste good, will keep your customers coming back.

The Right Flake Ice Makes All the Difference 

It turns out that ice is probably a lot more important than even you knew. By choosing flake ice you can offer your customers something that is flavorful, appetizing, and effective at chilling their drinks. You can keep up with their drink orders, and invent new ways to incorporate flake ice into your menu.

Customers might not always realize what a difference your ice makes in their favorite drinks, but you will.

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