Emerson Ice Maker: Our Unbiased Review

The Emerson ice maker is a convenience to our lives; for example, when we were hosting a small party and ran out of ice, no one wanted to stop what they were doing just to hop into their car and drive a mile to the closest convenience store to buy a bag or two of ice, and especially when you’re in the middle of having fun entertaining your guests. Interrupting a party just to pick up bags of ice can be very frustrating, but someone has to do it because no one wants a hot drink at a summer party.

And, with the demand for ice makers on the rise today, it can be challenging when you’re researching to find a brand that you can trust. So, while researching through the many brands on the market today, we found the Emerson ice maker to be a brand that not only delivers good tasting ice, but it comes at an affordable price too.

However, because there are so many ice makers on the market today, we’re sharing some of our best reviews on what we have found and what we believe can be a helpful contribution to your research for an ice maker.

What Is An Emerson Ice Maker?

So, what is an Emerson ice maker you wonder? An Emerson ice maker, like all other ice makers out there, is for convenience. The convenience of cooling off your favorite drink on a hot summer day or the convenience of having it readily available for guests or for at a picnic. And, who doesn’t want convenience?

How does it work? The process is simple really and the same process works for most types of ice makers on the market today. Meaning, it all starts with a motor, be it electric or gas, the motor works in harmony with the cooling and heating unit system to produce and form the different sizes and shapes of the ice cube. With a clean supply of tap or distilled water poured into the water reservoir, you can start the process of creating great tasting ice for any occasions in a matter of minutes.

Product Specs

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The Emerson ice maker is a compact and portable ice maker with a highly efficient compressor that can produce nine pieces of ice in ten minutes, which means it can make up to 22 pounds of small, medium, and a large bullet size ice in no time. It has a water capacity of 1.37 quarts and a storage capacity of 0.88 pounds. This could be enough production for a small gathering or party.

A unique feature we like the most, there is no requirement for plumbing. The Emerson ice maker is as simple of an appliance to use that you can just plug it in and enjoy. But, the Emerson ice maker requires that you use a power source of 115-volt, 60hz, and 130-watt, and it’s important to use an appropriate outlet to avoid accidents or damages or even blown fuses.

Another reason we find the Emerson ice maker to be the ideal ice maker is because of its size. The Emerson ice maker is a size compact enough to sit countertop without being an eye-sore or taking up much space.

We believe this simple, easy-to-use, clean and portable Emerson ice maker produces good and quality ice-makers, which translates to more parties and picnics for us. So, we suggest if you’re searching for an ice maker, be that it’s refurbished or brand new, there are many factors to take into considerations and here are just a few more things you may like to factor in:


Although most of the ice makers today come in stainless steel, which can be a complement to most kitchen décor, this model comes in black. It’s still a sleek beauty that will go with just about any kitchen decor.


Having an easy-to-use appliance is always a plus, and with the Emerson ice maker, we feel with its simple instructions, you can have your ice maker up and running in no time.


There is the question of durability, and like most things we buy, furniture or appliance, we want the best for our dollar spent. But, keep this question in mind, “How often are you planning to use your ice maker?” Although durability plays an important role depending on its uses, and the Emerson ice maker is durable; nothing last forever.


The importance of having a warranty depends on the product and its reputation. Not all products require a warranty. If you’re looking for a peace of mind, then invest in an extended warranty.

The Emerson ice maker has a one (1) year from date of the original purchase at no charge for labor and parts if something was to go wrong.


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We all want the best price for choosing the right ice maker for our budget, space, and style, but this can take time and a lot of research before finding what will work. So, by sharing a few comparisons under or around ​$$, we think this will be helpful by saving you time in your decision-making.

How It Compares

In comparing ice makers on the market of today, we try to look for a few key features, such as efficiency, durability, price, and other factors that will help determine what portable ice maker might suit .an individuals’ needs.

  • Della Portable Ice Maker
  • NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound Portable Icemaker
  • Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker
  • Emerson Portable Ice Maker

Emerson Ice Maker

Ease of Use

It comes with simple and easy-to-use instructions


Ability to withstand transporting from here to there

Design Quality

Sleek metallic finishes, certified refurbished


Manufactured parts

  • Easy-to-use
  • Portable
  • Space-saver
  • Limited colors

Della Portable Ice Maker

[amazon box=”B01AYKYCSQ”]

The Della Portable Ice Maker is an attractive and easy-to-use compact ice maker that weighs around 21 pounds that can sit on the countertop, and its dimensions stand at 17x13x16 inches.

What we like most about this product is that it comes in different colors and can go with just about any kitchen décor. It produces ice in as little as six minutes and can make up to 26 pounds of small or medium bullet size ice cubes. It has an ice storage bin that holds up to 1.5 pounds of ice at a time. Perfect for a small gathering or parties.

Because it is lightweight, it’s easy to transport, and you can use it for traveling from one place to another.

It is covered by a limited warranty for the original purchaser for one (1) year against defects in material or workmanship for normal purposes. Della will repair or replace any defective parts under normal operating conditions.

Ease of Use

It comes with simple instructions.


It is tough enough to handle moving around.

Design Quality

It is sleek with a metallic finish.


One year on manufactured parts

  • Convenience
  • Portable
  • Multiple colors
  • Limited warranty
  • Bulky

NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound Portable Icemaker

[amazon box=”B0017Y3GGI”]

The NewAir convenient and compact portable ice maker is an attractive ice maker, and it’s available in different colors, which is sure to blend in with most decors. Its sleek, compact, and portable look is an eye-pleaser. Its dimensions are 14.5L x 11.75W x 15H, and it weighs in at around 25 pounds. It’s great for using at small parties and gatherings.

It can make up to nine pieces of ice in 15 minutes, which means it can produce up to 28 pounds of ice daily. For optimal performance and safety, and as with most of these ice maker, be sure to use the right outlet for a power source. Nowadays, most of the compact and portable ice makers require a 115-volt or a little more. So, please take notice.

With this brand, it comes with a warranty exclusion we thought might be worth mentioning, and those exclusions are:

  • Power failure
  • Damage in transit or when moving the appliance
  • An improper power supply such as low voltage, defective household wiring or inadequate
  • fuses
  • Accident, alteration, misuse or abuse of the appliance such as using non-approved
  • accessories, inadequate air circulation in the room or abnormal operating conditions
  • (extreme temperatures)
  • Use in commercial or industrial applications
  • Fire, water damage, theft, war, riot, hostility or acts of God such as hurricanes, floods
  • Use of force or damage caused by external influences
  • Partially or completely dismantled appliances

So, in other words, the warranty will cover none of the things mentioned above.

Ease of Use

Manual with easy-to-use instructions


Lightweight but built to withstand moving around

Design Quality

Sleek with a metallic finish


 Manufactured parts

  • Compact/portable
  • Different colors available
  • Easy-to-use
  • Limited warranty

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker

[amazon box=”B00IY7BNUW”]

The Avalon Bay is also a portable, lightweight ice maker used for the home, and it weighs in at 20 pounds. It’s compact enough to transport or just for use on the kitchen countertop. Its dimensions stand at 11×14.8×14.7 inches. And, it is just as fast and convenient as the other ice makers, which is being able to produce ice in as little as six minutes. This ice maker produces up to 26 pounds of ice daily. It has an easy-to-use push-button display with automatic overflow protection light sensor to remind you to add water and to empty the ice.

The one thing about this machine is that it’s a little pricier than the others listed here.

Ease of Use

It comes with simple instructions and operates using a standard electrical outlet.


Plastic material

Design Quality

Sleek, clean metallic-silver finishes


Manufactured parts

  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • No drain required
  • Limited warranty
  • A little more expensive than its competitors


In conclusion, if you’re searching for an affordable, quality ice maker, we believe the Emerson ice maker can deliver a great experience for you. Whether you’re looking for a countertop, compact, portable, or built-in ice maker, we think the Emerson ice maker can be what you need when it comes to having good tasting ice over store-bought ice.

So, let’s give you a short recap of the Emerson ice maker qualities. It’s sleek in its design and durable with enough production for a small gathering or party. It’s highly efficient compressor can produce nine pieces of ice in ten minutes. Making up to 22 pounds of small, medium, and a large bullet size ice in no time. It has a water capacity of 1.37 quarts and a storage capacity of 0.88 pounds.

And, let’s not forget one of its unique features; there is no requirement for plumbing. And, one last note, for precaution really, is to always use an appropriate outlet for your ice maker. And, if the Emerson portable ice maker becomes one of your favorite buys, then we know its power source requires a 115-volt, 60hz, and 130-watt. Safety is always important.

Our verdict on this product is simple; the Emerson portable ice maker is a brand that we believe in and trust, and it can produce the quantity and quality of ice cubes that accommodate a small gathering or picnic. The Emerson ice maker has proven to make good tasting ice in a short amount of time that we can enjoy with friends, guests, and family.

Overall, our opinion for this appliance is that it is worth the investment, and because you can get it for around $​, it becomes that much more attractive. We gave this product 4 out of 5 stars on our rating scale.

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