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edgestar ice maker

When shopping for an ice maker, our first impulse wasn’t to find the least expensive ice maker on the market, but to research for both quality and price. Whether it’s a gourmet, a built-in, a portable, or a countertop ice maker that we’re searching for – we believe the Edgestar ice maker to be an ideal product for producing some of the best and clearest ice cubes possible.

What Is an Edgestar Ice Maker?

An ice maker is a machine that can either be an electric or gas motor for generating batches of ice with the help of a cooling and heating system component. The process starts with a clean supply of tap or distilled water being poured into the reservoir for generating the ice.

We learned Edgestar has manufactured and sold many ice makers over the years, with newer and greater ice makers constantly being released. We believe the Edgestar ice maker can be a great appliance for the home, office, or commercial (such as a bar or restaurant).

Because the Edgestar ice makers come in different shapes and sizes, there are many options to choose from when searching for the perfect ice maker.

Comparison Table

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We like that the Edgestar IB450SS offers several great easy-to-use features that we are comfortable in using. And, aside from these great features, it is strongly recommended this appliance is installed by a licensed plumber to avoid unnecessary problems while setting it up.

Reversible Door

The Edgestar IB450SS reversible stainless steel front door is a great feature that allows you to change which way the door swings open, and in some setups, this feature could help protect your refrigerator door from banging against something else. And, if you’re left-handed, the reversal could be beneficial to you.

Adjustable Leveling Legs

This feature is most efficient for unleveled floors. You can adjust the level to lower or raise the height to fit the space of the ice maker. This feature is easy to install and adjust.

Computerized Controls

Ice maker blue

Image via: Pixabay

This digitally smart and easy-to-use Edgestar feature is a desired feature to have these days – it’s a computerized feature used for a smoother operation.

Another cool feature we like about the Edgestar ice maker is the repeated process of recycling water, but only the newer models have this ability – the ability to take the melted ice and recycle it back into the system. With this feature, the Edgestar ice maker requires no drainage.

We also believe when searching for an ice maker, it’s helpful to keep a few factors in mind, such as style, easy-to-use, durability, and installation. Knowing these factors and what you want from an ice maker will definitely save you time in your research.


We noticed there are many ice makers on the market today in stainless steel, which is not bad, and most of them complement most décor, but if you’re a person who likes colors, then you may be a little disappointed with the lack of colors out there.

Ease of Use

It’s true, no one wants an overly complicated instruction manual, and this is another reason we favor the Edgestar ice maker because there is minimal to no stress in setting up this appliance.


build a ice using edgestar ice maker

Image via: Pixabay

Durability is sometimes determined by the quality and price, but it can also be determined by how often you plan to use the product. So, keep in mind, when shopping for your ice maker – how often do you plan to use the appliance?

Another thing we took into consideration was the warranty. Depending on the ice maker, we also decided if it needed an extended warranty or not. We also believe not every ice maker needs or requires an extended warranty because there is, in most cases, up to a one (1) year warranty for the manufactured and labor parts. Sometimes that’s all you need.


The installation depends solely on the type of Edgestar ice maker you buy, such as the Edgestar IB450SS; this particular ice maker requires installation by a licensed plumber. Other Edgestar ice makers may not have a need for drainage; therefore, requires a simple setup.


Pricing can be a sensitive discussion, so when it comes to the overall pricing of these products and similar products, we try to find reasonable prices with good quality. Here, we found prices from around $140 to $900.

How It Compares


Image via: Pixabay

For comparing ice makers on the market today, we look for several factors such as prices, styles, durability, and features. We tried to do as must legwork as possible so you won’t have to. Here are a few similar picks we wanted to share in hopes of helping to guide your decision when shopping for the best ice maker for your needs.

The Edgestar IB450SS ice maker can be purchased on Amazon for around $900.

[amazon link=”B00TSV9NP0″ title=”1. EdgeStar IB450SS 45 Lb. 15 Inch Wide Undercounter Clear Ice Maker” /]

[amazon box=”B00TSV9NP0″]

While the Edgestar ice maker comes in different models and sizes, we want to talk about why we find the Edgestar IB450SS to be an excellent choice. It weighs around 78 pounds and produces up to 45 pounds of clear, gourmet, and hard ice cubes per day and stores around 25 pounds of ice in the bin. Its dimensions stand at 32.8 x 15 x 23.6 inches in stainless steel.

Although the Edgestar IB450SS is a beautifully finished stainless steel product, we wish it came in more colors. But, aside from the lack of colors, this elegant piece still complemented our kitchen décor just fine.

[amazon link=”B00TYV7N10″ title=”2. EdgeStar IP210RED Red Portable Countertop Ice Maker” /]

[amazon box=”B00TYV7N10″]

The Edgestar Portable Countertop Ice Maker is an attractive, contemporary, modern, industrial, and easy-to-use compact and portable ice maker that can sit on the countertop. It’s stylish enough to blend in with just about any kitchen décor. You can also use this ice maker for the home, office, or a picnic.

It produces ice in as little as 10 minutes and makes up to 28 pounds of small to medium-sized ice. The insulated storage bin holds up to 2.5 pounds of ice at a time. It dimensions stand at 14 3/4″ H x 11 3/4″ W x 14 1/2″ D. Besides its features and quality, what we like about this portable ice maker is that there are more colors to choose from.


  • Produces ice in an average of 10 minutes
  • Soft touch and easy-to-use controls
  • Lightweight and easy to transport


  • Limited warranty (manufactured 1-year parts, 90-day labor)
  • Limited colors

[amazon link=”B0027E8EXC” title=”3. Edgestar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker” /]

[amazon box=”B0027E8EXC”]

This inexpensive, built-in Edgestar ice maker is stainless steel and black with dimensions of 25 1/4″ H x 15″ W x 18 1/2″ D and can fit under most kitchen counters with minimal installation by a licensed plumber. It produces up to 12 pounds of crescent-shaped ice per day and stores 6 pounds of ice in the bin.

We found this ice maker’s best feature to be the integrated freezer. This gives the ice maker the ability to store ice as long as you need it without melting. Just keep in mind that you should remove the ice periodically for freshness. And, because it requires no drainage, it is easier to install.

We noticed another cool thing about the Edgestar IB120SS: it’s almost whisper quiet, which is a great feature if you’re planning to use it in a TV room, family room, or office.


  • Produces up to 12 pounds of ice per day
  • Easy-to-use
  • No drain line required


  • Not available in other colors
  • Makes less ice than a portable ice maker

[amazon link=”B077NX6DZL” title=”4. NutriChef Countertop Ice Maker” /]

[amazon box=”B077NX6DZL”]

This ice maker is from a durable, high-end commercial brand, NutriChef, is made of stainless steel with an effective antibacterial liner to prevent it from breeding harmful bacteria. The liner is harmless to humans, clean, and sanitary. It’s ideal for restaurants, bars, and/or homes. It’s easy to use and economically friendly. A recessed installation will allow you to install the ice maker under a counter or in a kitchen cabinet. It’s automatic and efficient with food-grade ABS and rapid cooling.


  • Full automatic
  • User-friendly
  • High-end
  • Antibacterial liner


  • Costs a little more
  • Takes 24 hours to start the first production of ice
  • Little noisy

[amazon link=”B00IY7BNUW” title=”5. Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker” /]

[amazon box=”B00IY7BNUW”]

The Avalon Bay is a portable, lightweight ice maker with dimensions of 11 x 14.8 x 14.7 inches and is used for the home. It’s faster and more convenient than freezer ice makers and can produce up to 26 pounds of ice in as little as six minutes. It has easy-to-use push-button controls with an automatic overflow protection light sensor to remind you to add water and to empty the ice.

What we like about this ice maker is that it comes in other colors aside from stainless steel, and its sleek design makes it easy to blend in with most kitchen décor. It’s small enough to sit on a countertop or underneath the kitchen sink.


  • Portable
  • Automatic
  • Easy to use


  • Limited warranty
  • Will need to add water


In conclusion, whether you’re looking for a countertop, an under-the-counter, a built-in, or a portable ice maker, Edgestar has something for everyone.

We have found in our search that Edgestar ice makers are more equipped with more features, styles, and durability over other ice makers on the market today.

And, just to recap, we chose the Edgestar IB450SS. It’s the perfect choice with many features. Although it lacks color choices, the reversible-door, built-in stainless steel blends well with our kitchen décor.

For us, the Edgestar IB450SS offered features we like the most such as the easy-to-use computerized control buttons, the repeated recycling water, and most of all–it produces good-tasting ice that doesn’t dilute your drink on melting.

So, our verdict here is: if you’re in the market for an ice maker for good-tasting quality ice cubes, you should give consideration to the Edgestar ice makers. They manufacture newer and greater ice makers year after year with many more features and great qualities, making it possible for you to find the right ice maker for your home, office, or commercial use.

Whichever ice maker you’re thinking about choosing, we believe the Edgestar ice maker can give you the most for your investment. Overall, we gave this product a 4 out of a 5-star rating because we are truly satisfied with its results.

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