Three Ways to Make Perfectly Clear Ice Cubes at Home

Clear ice cubes

Right now you’re probably thinking that ice cubes are always clear. They’re made from water, right? But there’s a difference between a crystal clear ice cube, and the semi-cloudy ones that inhabit the far-reaches of your freezer.

If you really start looking, you’ll notice that your ordinary ice at home is full of imperfections, impurities, and white nebulous clouds. At home, these impurities probably don’t matter to you, but how might you feel if you were at a restaurant and the cubes were cloudy? You’d notice, and you might even wonder about the quality of the water you were drinking.

Three Easy Ways to Get Clear Ice at Home

That means that clear cubes make a difference. Cloudy ones look almost freezer burned, and they can actually affect the taste of your beverage. No one wants that. In fact, getting clear ice cubes has become such a popular pursuit that you can find lots of complicated and scientific ways to go about it. You can also find simple and practical ways to do it. Here are three easy tips on how to make clear ice cubes at home.

1. Boiling Your Water First

You probably make your ice cubes at home with tap water. You toss the last, lone cubes into your glass, let the tap run a second or two, and then refill the tray. The only thing you probably think about during this process is why you’re the only one who ever makes ice.

That’s an impossible question to answer, but the actual process of how to make clear ice is relatively quick, and easy, when you use tap water. The problem is that tap water contains dissolved gasses, and that’s what creates that milky effect.

Using purified water will help give your ice a nice clear look. To get purified water you can use bottled water or a pitcher filtration system, like a Brita. If you want purified water without spending any extra cash, or wasting plastic bottles, then you can simply boil it. In fact, you’ll need to boil it twice.

It seems counter-intuitive to boil water before you freeze it, but boiling gets rid of the dissolved gasses. You boil the water, let it cool, and then bring it to a boil again. You then let the boiled water cool just enough so that you can safely handle it, and then you pour it into your ice cube trays.

The result is not only clear ice cubes, but pure ones as well. They won’t contaminate your drinks, and they’ll help make even a simple glass of water look more appealing.

2. Gadgetry for Better Ice

If you aren’t really into spending your afternoon standing around the stove boiling water, then you might want to try some of the ice gadgetry available online. Ice molds are the latest craze in home bars across the country. Not only do they create nice clear ice cubes, but they’re also crafted to help you better enjoy your beverages.

Take the Rabbit Clear Ice Cube Tray, for example. Its special insulated molds freeze regular tap water from top to bottom. This method of freezing removes the bubbles and gasses that cause that cloudy look. You get clear ice cubes with minimal effort.

The mold also creates a denser ice cube that will melt slower in your drink, and it keeps the ice from diluting the taste. You wind up with a sizeable clear cube that fits perfectly in your glass of whiskey, and won’t interfere with the taste.

It’s no wonder that ice molds are so popular for enjoying fine liqueurs and signature cocktails. After all, if you want to serve something on the rocks, you should make sure those rocks are just as appealing as what goes over them.

3. Using a Cooler to Make Ice

This last method is pretty, provided that you have a small lunch cooler, and a good amount of freezer space. All you need to do is fill your ice tray with water, and place it inside your lunch cooler. You can use purified water if you want, but tap water works just fine as well.

The insulated cooler, just like the fancy ice molds, will freeze the cubes from the top to bottom. The bubbles and impurities are removed as the water freezes, and you’re left with a set of crystal clear cubes.

Because this method takes up a lot of freezer space, it isn’t practical for everyday use, but it is perfect for a party. You can quickly and easily make enough ice to have on hand for any number of fancy cocktails. When the party is over you aren’t left with an ice mold or gadget that you may rarely use.

Start Making Clear Ice Today

Though you probably never thought much before about how clear your ice cubes are, you’re probably excited to try these methods for clearer ice cubes at home. Now that you know three easy ways, you can do a little experimenting of your own. You can play around with boiling and freezing methods, molds, and even types of water, until you achieve your own perfect recipe.

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