Best Under Counter Ice Maker Models of 2017 With Reviews

Looking for best under counter ice maker reviews 2017?

Then consider yourself lucky as you have reached the right place to gather some details. Yes, today we will talk about the under counter ice maker and this is for those who know that the tray ice is not sufficient enough for their rising demands. If you have a large family or like to play the host then you should give a serious thought to this product. There are different ice maker that one can acquire for use. Different units of different brands come with different features hence the need for enough information before you buy any given unit. There are different capacities that different ice makers can handle. For instance, we have units that handle 12 pounds of ice every single day while other can make up to 150 pounds of ice every day or even more. The holding capacity is one of the features that determine the cost of a given unit. The ones having large capacities are relatively more expensive costing up to 4 figures. On the contrary, the smaller ones – portable ice maker, that are ideal for family setups can cost as little as 3 figures. Now if you are still thinking that why would you need one, then we will provide you with some of its benefits:

  • These machines are convenient enough to be handled
  • The ice is tastier
  • Can get a lot of ice somewhat 86 pounds per day on an average
  • This can save you money as you do not have to run out to buy extra bags
  • Most of these ice makers are stylish and can fit into any décor

Top Rated 5 Under Counter Ice Maker 2018

1. Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel Built-In Ice Maker

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We have tried our best to compile a list of under counter ice maker that are worth giving a consideration:

First things first, the Whynter UIM-155 stainless-steel built-in does not require additional draining. It can produce 12 pounds within 24 hours and can store 6 pounds of ice. It is a stylish and portable machine that has a sleek body made up of stainless steel and has a black colored cabinet that makes it more appealing. This shows that it can fit into a modern kitchen or even a bar zone quite aptly. Have a look at some of its prominent features:


Can be used as a freestanding or built-in unit

Has ventilation in the front

Comes with a black cabinet, ice bin and ice scoop

Easy to install, professional may be required


The biggest problem that most users complain about is the unit being manufactured in China, but the quality of the product has not gone down because of this. This manufacturer conducts its set of tests before releasing products into the market and the positive reviews make it quite evident.

2. Sunpentown IM-150US Stainless Steel Undercounter Ice Maker with Freezer

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This unit makes crystal clear crescent like ice and can make 12 pounds of them a day. Plus, it can store around 6 pounds without any problems and there is no need to drain it either. This stainless steel body ice maker can easily fit into any kitchen or a business hub because of its elegant design. It can also be used as a standalone unit as another option because of its unique design. Yes, you may need a certified plumber to install, but the installation process is not that complicated otherwise. Mentioned below are some of its positives


Front ventilation

Set in black colored cabinet

Has a reversible door

Shuts off automatically when the bin is full

Includes ice scoop


Many people have found this unit to be noisy and some say that water connector is fragile. For this, you can get a replacement according to your choice and as for the sound, not too many people have a complaint like this. The benefits of this unit go beyond the problems which make it worth a buy.

3. EdgeStar 45 Lb. Undercounter Clear Ice Maker – Stainless Steel

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This is a rugged under counter ice maker that can fit into an RV, wet bar, kitchen or an office pretty well. The black stainless steel body can fit any setting and its ease of use makes it a product highly in demand. Furthermore, there is no need of a drain line and it can be installed in an effortless manner. Nevertheless employing the services of a certified plumber is very much recommended. Down under are some of the best aspects that have been recorded that account for it as a best seller:


Water pump adds to its lifespan

Reversible door

Automatically shuts off when ice bin is full

Clear markings and has a switch on/off power button


Most people complain about the noise that it makes while in operation. Yet some say that it does not make a crescent shaped ice. These are things that can be sorted out by reading the product details before you buy.

4. U-Line : BI95B-00 14 Ice Maker – Black

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23 pounds of ice a day using less than three gallons of water and nominal electricity, can you beat that? That is correct you heard us, the U-Line BI95B-00 14 produces huge quantities by using minimal water as well as electricity. It can readily blend into in a kitchen or even a mini bar with its chic look but a well-built body. It can be used as built in unit or even as a freestanding unit because of these features. Talking about features, here are some more that need to be highlighted:


Elegant black colored body

No draining needed

Reversible door

Is energy efficient

1-year warranty on parts

5 years warranty on compressor


Some have issues with the fact that it is limited to indoor use only. Now, this is something that the manufacturer has deliberately created so that it be installed easily and kept in one position for best results. Too much moving around of electrical gadgets can cause damage without us knowing about it. So at times, it is for good that quality goods manufacturers make it a point that their product delivers the best if they are left in a corner.

5. SPT IM-600US Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice Maker, 50-Pound

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This is a restaurant quality ice maker that can produce 50 pounds of ice per day. This beautiful, stainless steel bodied ice maker comes with a cabinet that can undoubtedly incorporate itself into any décor. So use it as a built in or a freestanding unit, the choice is yours and there are no doubts about it. Some more attributes that make this unit compelling:


Reversible doors with full-length handle

Makes gourmet ice cubes

User-friendly digital controls

Front ventilated

Shuts off automatically as the ice bin gets full


The noisy under the counter ice maker is a bit of a problem for some and its property of auto shut off as the ice storage bin gets full is a concern for some. Now, this feature helps to save electricity and about the noise, it is recommended that people install it as a freestanding unit to avoid any friction with other counters.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

What Types Of Ice Do You Need?

This is one question that bothers a lot of people that what type of ice do they need. This indeed is the starting point that leads you to sort out the kind of under counter ice maker you may want to buy. We have tried our best to help you work through this problem like this:

  • Cube – This is the most common one that goes into your beverages and is used on a regular basis. This is the ones that can be found in the ice trays of our refrigerators. The shape is in a cube, ice is crystal clear and another form is the half cube that can be verily found in vending machines all across.
  • Flake – These are small bits of soft ice that actually look like flakes which are easy to chew, is highly used in seafood stores bruised and even in health care. This suggests that it is exclusively used in the healthcare industry. These are usually used for as already mentioned for consumption, most of the time for preservation and at times even for merchandising.
  • Crushed – As the name suggests this one is made by crushing cubed ice and it varies in shapes and sizes. This is mostly opaque and can be comfortably chewed, which is one reason why people tend to enjoy the juicy colorful snow cones. This can melt slowly like the flakes but can be experimented with in a lot of ways without a doubt.
  • Nugget – These can be found in a variety like a pearl, gem, cylindrical in shape and soft. These are chewable ice cylinders that are heavily found in healthcare and therapeutic centers extensively. These days, even convenient stores keep these at hand to serve these into drinks. The shape is different than the regular cubes and that makes it different.
  • Gourmet – The shape is more likely to resemble a hat or an octagon at times. Not to mention that it is found in selected offices, fine dining restaurants, restaurants, clubs, and bars. The specialty of this ice is that it is hard and slowly melts into a liquid which is why it is added to nonblended drinks to keep them chilled.
  • Crescent – Another hard, clear ice that is set into individual cubes to make it look like a crescent. This is why it can be largely found in bars, food service contractors, and commercial beverage dispensers. This keeps the beverages cold and preserves food when required.

What Ice Making Capacity Do You Need?

In continuation to the above discussion, another query fills our minds by asking us to find out about what capacity should we be looking for? If you are looking for an under counter ice maker for home use then you may want to focus on things like:

  • What size is your family?
  • How many people should the machine cater to?
  • Do you usually throw parties and need to entertain guests?
  • Do you want to get a separate ice maker to satisfy the demands?
  • What, why and how do you plan to use the ice?

Nonetheless, with commercial use as already explained above the scenario changes and all you need to focus on is:

  • Calculate the daily needs of your consumers
  • This is because you should be able to support the sudden increase of demand
  • Concentrate on buying that fulfills your conditions at present
  • You can upgrade later

Again for both these types, you need to see if:

  • What quantity you need, especially during the peak ours
  • Investing in self-contain ice makers that have storage facilities should be considered or not
  • Also, you need to choose the one with an ice storage bin as that gives you the leverage to store more

Features To Look Out For UnderCounter Ice Makers

A wise thing would be to remain on the safe side as this will keep things under control. There are a few more things that you need to check before buying that ice maker of your dreams like:

  • Energy efficiency – Checking on how energy conserving an under counter ice maker is could be a way to save energy as well as money for you. This is because ENERGY STAR rated products can save up to 15% on electricity and 23% on water. That is certainly quite a bit of energy and money if you calculate for any home or even for a business. A standard model can save anything between 1,200 kWh to 1,500 kWh per year of electricity and 6,300 gallons of water a year. Don’t we all want to save a little extra and in this case, there is an opportunity to preserve your environment as well! Why not give it a thought and then spend your hard earned money to help save some more?
  • Drain or no drain – Some of the modern high-end ice makers do not have a separate drain line. This is because these machines can keep the ice frozen like a freezer. However, most under counter ones have a drain line because they cannot keep the ice frozen all the time. These ice making machines have ventilation that takes care of the rest. The truth is ice melts and so it needs draining. This water gushes out of this drain pipe without much of a difficulty and most machines come with one for free. You need to think about your budget and of course your requirement before you buy one.
  • Water filter or not – This is again something that is a personal choice because water filters are not a necessity but are recommended. Why so? There are two reasons for this, one is that it keeps your ice maker clean and secondly, it extends the lifespan of your machine. Both are interrelated because less maintenance adds health your machine without a second thought. In addition to this, it must be added that using a water filter can make your ice taste better and keep them crystal clear.
  • Custom door panel – This is another feature that you should examine before you take the final call. If you can customize the panel door of your ice maker or maybe choose one that fits your décor well can make it worth your investment. Otherwise, you can choose a freestanding one, again it should be able to blend into your furnishings. Be it for your home or for your business design matters a lot in the selection of an ice maker.
  • Air–cooled or water-cooled unitsAs mentioned above, the difference between these two types of units is the way of cooling the condenser or the compressor.
    1. The air cooled units tend to be less expensive in comparison with the water cooled ones. However, they are quite noisy when compared with their counterparts. In addition, they emit exhaust air that’s warm and can bring discomfort by heating up the room.
    2. On the other side, the water cooled under counter ice makers is relatively more expensive. They are however very efficient and operates quietly. Their downside comes in when the user comes from a region that charges high water rates for running the unit.

    For quite some time, many used to consider the water cooled units to be the best and the most preferred under counter icemakers. However, in the near past, the song has taken a new twist and the air cooled units are considered to be the best option. In fact, there are some companies that no longer produce water cooled ice makers. Energy Star, and several other environmental agencies no longer give their certification seal on the water cooled machines. This is after it was discovered that the amount of water, consumption of these units is not worth the amount of energy saved when using these machines. The amount of water used by these units is tremendous, especially due to the fact that these units do not recycle the used water. It’s used just once. As a result, you will end up with outrageously high water and power bills.

What Is Best For Your Needs?

What suits your requirement is a basic question that you find an answer to before you buy an under counter ice maker. Finding an answer to this can help you locate the right product that will make your life easy. Investing in the wrong one can prove to be disastrous because either of the two that is under or over production both will cost you dearly. Hence, getting the right that fits your bill may be difficult to do, but is a good way to save you from troubles. Here is a synopsis of how to detect the best ice maker for you depend on usage per person:

  • Cafeteria – Now for this setup, you may need approximately 1 pound of ice per person. So it is advisable that you look for a sturdy machine that you can rely on especially during the peak hours.
  • Restaurant – This requires you to calculate ice intake based on per meal because each of your guests would need ice for their drinks and don’t forget the kitchen staff that constantly uses ice to prepare meals. This makes the requirement to be that of 1.5 pounds per meal which is quite some requirement.
  • Health Care – Honestly this is an industry that very much needs an ice maker as the requisite is huge. The estimation goes to 7 pounds per patient and 2 pounds per employee. This shows the urgency and proves the fact that ice makers are a necessity for this sector.
  • Lodging – Yes lodges require ice for the same reason as restaurants and the need could be ever rising with the tourist season. It is guesstimated that there is a need for 3 pounds per person which usually gets amplified with the holiday season for sure!


Ice makers are important accessories that we can buy to improve our comforts at home, in our RVs and boats among other areas. Investing in a unit is necessary for those who have refrigerators that do not have freezers in them. They can also be bought by those who want to boost the supply of ice cubes per day. Before making the decision of buying the best under counter ice maker, ensure that you have checked its features well and had an assurance that the unit you are going for will give you value for your money as far as aesthetics, volume, consumption, installation, and use are concerned.