4 Most Popular Undercounter Ice Maker Brands

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Ice MakerAre you looking for the best undercounter ice maker? You’re in the right place. Since they were first invented, these devices have been producing high volumes of ice without taking up space in rooms or your fridge. Here are the top four brands and what you should know about them.

Note that most of the prices listed below are only the MSRP. Many stores offer these products at double-digit discounts, so don’t hesitate to shop around if you see an icemaker you like.



For this list, we decided to look at four of the best manufacturers. For each manufacturer, we looked at the lowest-production (i.e., budget) model, a mid-range choice, and the highest-production option. Some of these products are intended for industrial use, but can easily be brought into the home if you need them.

(The reverse is not true. Non-industrial models are not appropriate for businesses and should never be used in that way.)



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EdgeStar offers a full line of ice makers, ranging from small, individual units to massive machines you might need bigger cabinets for.

On the small end, their Koldfront KIM202 ice maker holds up to 1.5 pounds of ice and can produce as much as 26 pounds in a single day. At just 9.5 inches wide, it’s easy to fit under most counters, and the thermally-insulated bin helps to keep things cold. It’s not a freezer, but when ice cubes melt, the water is reused to make new cubes – no waste! The MSRP is about $185.

In the middle of the range, the EdgeStar IP250 ice maker holds up to 2.6 pounds of ice and can produce up to 48 pounds each day. It’s wider than the KIM202 at 17 inches across, but the extra size helps it produce ice in as little as 10 minutes. The efficient design is self-cleaning, while a programmable timer allows you to pre-set times to start and finish making ice. The MSRP is $368.

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For serious volume, the EdgeStar IB650 is the largest and highest-capacity unit they offer. With a massive 24 pound capacity and the ability to produce up to 65 pounds of ice each day. It’s surprisingly slender at 17 inches across – the same as the IP250 – but the added height means you may need to use your tallest counter for this behemoth. Its MSRP is $1,507.

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Which EdgeStar Should I Get?

If you only want a little ice now and then, the KIM202 is your best choice. If you’re going to make ice on a regular basis, the IP250’s programmable settings make it a great choice. The IB650 is only necessary if you need a lot of ice on a regular basis.



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Hoshizaki America manufactures a number of the best undercounter ice maker machines – but unlike some other manufacturers, their undercounter products are more-or-less exclusively on the large side. Only consider Hoshizaki if you need an industrial-strength ice maker, because that’s all they’ve got.

The lowest-production model they offer is the AM-50BAJ, which is just shy of 15 inches wide and 33 1/2 inches tall. It can produce up to 51 pounds of ice each day, held in a 22-pound bin. It’s air-cooled and completely self-contained, operating effectively in temperatures up to 100 degrees. The list price of this unit ranges from $3,580 to $3,900, with accessories adding several hundred each.

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The mid-range model is the KM-101BAH, which is about 24 inches wide and 39 inches tall. This product produces significantly more ice than the AM-50BAJ, with a total of 115 pounds each day and a 53-pound bin. The cubes themselves are crescent-shaped, and the machine has a three-year warranty. There’s only one model, with a list price of $3,520, but the much-needed drain pump is sold separately for $600.

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The highest-capacity undercounter model Hoshizaki offers is the F-500BAJ, which is a little over 38 inches wide and 42 inches tall. That’s arguably a little too big to fit under a counter, but it’s how Hoshizaki sells it. This is a serious icemaker, capable of producing as much as 536 pounds of ice each day and storing it in a 170-pound bin.

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Being honest, most families won’t need anywhere near this much ice on a regular basis – not unless you’re turning your home into a restaurant or have a lot of guests on a constant basis. The list price in the catalog for this ice maker is $9,050, with another $355 for the recommended water filtration.



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Ice-O-Matic produces a wide range of ice makers for different industries, making them a steady and reliable presence in the market. While most of their products are industrial-sized, their Bistrot Under-Counters line is suitable for homes, coffee shops, and small workplaces.

However, note that these products are generally only available in 50Hz markets, so they may be a bit harder to find and install than other models. Prices may vary wildly based on the country you buy from, so they’re unlisted for this manufacturer.

The smallest model is the ICEU36, which produces up to 20kg (44 pounds) each day. It’s quite compact at 333 mm wide and 598 mm tall, allowing it to fit under most cabinets. The exterior is built with industrial-strength stainless steel and fingerprint-proof plastic, while the ice itself is dispensed in shot-style cubes.

The mid-range entry in the Bistrot line is the ICEU106, which can produce up to 50kg (110 pounds) of ice each day. It’s bigger than the ICEU36 at 467 mm wide and 790 mm high, but that’s still significantly smaller than Hoshizaki’s high-capacity behemoths. Like its smaller cousin, this ice maker features stainless steel and industrial plastic, as well as shot-style cubes.

The highest-capacity model offered by Ice-O-Matic in this line is the ICEU206. This machine bulks up to 700 mm wide and 970 mm high but can produce up to 90 kg (198 pounds) of ice each day. The included warranty covers two years on parts and one on labor, but otherwise, it’s mainly just a bigger and better version of the previous two models.


Which Ice-O-Matic Should I Get?

The nice thing about Ice-O-Matic’s line is that the products are so similar that the only real decision to make is how big of an ice maker you want and how much you can afford to spend. The European styling and electrical usage may require some extra installation costs, but if you’re more familiar with these models, they’re a great alternative.


Scotsman Ice Machine

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Scotsman Ice is a little different than the other manufacturers. While they only produce a few models for residential use, each of these is a high-quality machine.

The basic model is the DCE33, which produces a unique cube shape that doesn’t clump or dilute most drinks. It’s intended for fairly casual use, producing up to 30 pounds of ice in 24 hours, and the entire unit has a bright, stainless steel finish. It’s also quite user-friendly thanks to a field reversible door. At just 15 inches, this is a good choice for homes that want a small amount of quality ice.

The SCC30 is an updated, improved version of the DCE33 and the best choice for most buyers. It produces the same amount of ice – 30 pounds in 24 hours – but the front panel is deliberately unfinished. There’s a good reason for this – it allows for a custom wood front panel to match your existing cabinets. The robust hinge system makes this model easy to use, and the 15-inch size fits most counters.

The SCC50 is a high-capacity version of the previous unit, producing up to 65 pounds of ice every 24 hours. Unlike its predecessor, the SCC50 also includes an LED indicator to let you know when the unit is on, when water is present, and whether or not the machine needs cleaning. An outdoor model is available, while an illuminated bin and user-friendly control panel make it easy to use.



As you can see, there’s a lot of variety in undercounter ice makers. Scotsman Ice is the luxury residential brand, ideal when you need relatively low amounts of high-quality ice. EdgeStar is more of a budget line that gets the job done.

Hoshizaki and Ice-O-Matic, on the other hand, are serious industrial ice makers that can produce far more than most homes need. Of course, they may not produce more than businesses need, and that’s an important distinction. Different people have different needs when it comes to their ice, so the best way to make a decision is to determine how much ice you need.

If you’re still not sure what to get for your home, we recommend the EdgeStar IP250 and the Scotsman Ice SCC30. Both are affordable household machines and worth taking a look at.


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