Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Homelabs Ice Maker

You probably never give too much thought to your ice cubes until you run out of them. Ice cubes are never all that important until the tray is empty, and you find yourself staring at your lukewarm soda in despair. That’s the time that you vow, “never again,” and you fill all your available ice trays, and carefully load them back into your freezer.

You’re vigilant about this process for a few rounds. You enjoy dipping into your supply of fresh ice cubes and popping them into your drink. But freezer space is a hot commodity, and sometimes the frozen chicken breast just has to win. That’s when you take your trays of ice out, and you make room for the more important perishable items.

Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Homelabs Ice Maker 

You shouldn’t have to choose between freezer space, and cold drinks. With the Homelabs countertop ice maker, you don’t have to. This little portable ice maker is compact and efficient, and it can help you upgrade your ice cube game. Here are three ways to get the most out of a Homelabs ice machine.

1. Have an Impromptu Party

You might not think that it’s important to have an ice maker that’s as spontaneous as you are, but it can sure come in handy. The Homelabs portable ice maker can make ice in just six to eight minutes. That’s super fast. That’s faster than it takes you to probably do just about any other household chore.

It also means that even if guests drop by unannounced, you’ll always have an easy way to provide refreshments. In fact, you could be out of everything, but tap water, and still come out looking pretty good, as long as you have ice. Of course, you do have an emergency bottle of whiskey somewhere, don’t you?

The Homelabs machine is also perfect for a party that isn’t all that impromptu. Maybe you planned everything meticulously right down to the themed napkins, but you forgot the ice. With the lightening quick speed of your countertop ice maker, you won’t have to send out for ice, and you won’t have to stress out either.

2. Host Thanksgiving

If you’ve got a big family then hosting Thanksgiving is equal parts honor, and logistical nightmare. You spend weeks planning for the onslaught of aunts, uncles, and small children. You take stock of your card tables, folding chairs, and good china.

You also spend hours gathering the necessary food and beverages to keep everyone happy. For a crew as large as your family, you’re also looking at a lot of ice for their drinks. Good thing the Homelabs ice maker can produce twenty-six pounds of ice per day.

That’s enough ice to stock a cooler of beer for the adults, and a cooler of water for the kids. It also means you won’t have everyone rummaging around your refrigerator when it’s time to get a drink, and you can keep the kitchen clear to cook and prep.

Because of the Homelabs portability, you can even set up a beverage station away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. Guests can serve themselves, and choose from an array of fun options. The set-up will look cool, and you might finally be able to impress some of your more critical relatives. Some of them may brag about their own Opal ice makers, but you’ll know that you got the better deal.

3. Throw a Shower

If you suddenly find yourself at the helm of a bridal or baby shower, you’re really going to want to consider having a Homelabs ice maker at your disposal. That’s because showers these days are all about a killer spread of beverages. Whether it’s pitchers of homemade lemonade and sweetened iced tea, or punch bowls of sangria, you’re going to need a lot of ice.

And because so many showers have long guests lists, it’s likely that you’ll have to cart all of your supplies to an off-site destination. You can’t count on the luxury of your own kitchen space, and you definitely don’t want to waste all your trunk space on bags of ice.

It’s so much easier to grab your ice maker, head to the shower site early, and start prepping. With an auto-shut off feature that stops making ice once the bin is full, you can start making ice and stop thinking about it. That will give you plenty of time to run down the list of the other ten thousand things you have to do before the guest of honor arrives.

Once the party starts you can even leave the ice maker to continue to make ice. It works quietly enough that it won’t interrupt the gift giving, or the joyful tears.

Be Ready for Anything with a Homelabs Ice Maker 

The Homelabs ice maker wins major points for being quick, portable, and prolific. If you’ve got one on your countertop, you know you can always have the ice you need in just a few moments, and you can be ready for any challenge.

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