The Three Best Crushed Ice Maker Options for Your Home

crushed ice maker

Ice can be a real asset to the drinks that you make at home. You might not realize it, but the shape, and texture of the ice you use, can make a real difference in the quality, and taste, of your beverages.

Dropping giant ice cubes into every drink isn’t always the best course of action. Some beverages require a gentler hand, and a subtler hint of ice.

Fruity cocktails, snow cones, smoothies, and ice coffee can all benefit from using crushed ice. Besides, crushed ice is fun to crunch on, and it can make you feel extra fancy as you sip your beverage in the comfort of your own home.

Three Easy Ways to Enjoy Crushed Ice at Home

The key to consider is how to get crushed ice with as little hassle as possible. Ice can do a real number on your blender blades, so you want to make sure that you are using a machine that is actually built to crush ice. Here are the three easiest ways to get gourmet, quality crushed ice at home.

1. Use a Manual Ice Crushing Machine

[UPGRADED] Ice Crusher Shaver Manual Hand Crank Ice Grinder for Fine or Coarse Pieces - Ice Treats or Slushy Desserts Large 50 OZ Bucket Shaved Ice Treats or Slushy Desserts 304 Stainless Steel Blade
  • PREMIUM QUANTITY ICE CRUSER -- With rustproof 304stainless steel blade, you can get both fine and coarse pieces of ice. This new and upgraded ice shaver is much more stronger than others on the market with reinforced, ultra-durable, BPA-free plastic to add its durability
  • PORTABLE ICE SHAVER -- This ice crusher works manually without electricity, so it is ideal tool to bring to beach, vacation or wherever the party is to create great looking drinks. Simply turn the crank to the right for fine pieces of ice or to the left for coarse pieces. It is also a great tool for bartenders and drink servers at restaurants
  • NON - SLIP SUNCTION BASE -- Secure the machine on any flat surface without falling down or slipping. Secure it by turning the base to the left and take it off by turning it to the right. The additonal lid can prevent you from blending dirty things in ice crushing
  • LARGE CAPACITY-- With a capacity about 50 ounces, you can crush as much ice as you may need. It is a great help to entertain many guests and serve many drinks on your party
  • EASY LIFE -- Chopping, cutting and grinding ice to the desired size level has never been easier than with this ice crushers for home use. Get yours today. Your manual ice crusher machine purchase will be backed by a hassle-free 1 Year guarantee

Models like the Victorio Manual Ice Crusher allow you to crush ice using a hand crank. You just add the ice, turn the crank until you get the size and texture ice that you’re looking for, and then add the crushed ice to your desired beverage.

Because the machine is manual, you don’t have to worry about finding a plug, and you can use it anywhere that you want to. If you want to sip some daiquiris as you sunbathe poolside, you can. You don’t have to worry about cords, or power supply, and you don’t have to go traipsing back into your kitchen every time you want a drink, either.

You just grab some ice from your cooler, turn the crank, and voila. Thanks to the stainless steel blades, you won’t even break a sweat crushing the ice. You can get the texture you want without a struggle.

The Innovee manual ice crusher also features non-slip feet, and chrome plated construction that will protect your ice from rust. It also comes with a high-capacity ice bucket, and an ice scoop, which make it great for parties. You can take it to cookouts, block parties, or even camping. Anywhere that you want to enjoy an ice-cold beverage is the perfect spot for the Innovee.

2. Try an Electric Ice Crusher

Costzon Electric Ice Crusher, Stainless Steel Ice Shaved Machine for Party, Gathering, Home
  • 🍨HEAVY DUTY & EFFICIENT - Constructed by stainless steel which features rust resistant and durable, you can use this ice shaver machine for many years without the fear of defective. Purchase one with good quality to avoid future defect. Equipped with advanced shaving blades, it works efficiently to shave around 26.5 lbs per hour no matter large or small ice cubes. It will help you save plenty of time and enjoy drinks earlier than expected.
  • 🍨CONVENIENT OPERATION - Ice chute with a funnel design, which makes ice input convenient for you. On / Off switch is designed in the front of the machine for easy operation. You can stop it at your convenience securely even after a long period of its working time.
  • 🍨SLEEK & COMPACT - Sleek countertop and compact design makes it possible to work at party, gathering, or kitchen. It makes small ice cubes adding to your drinks.
  • 🍨TRANSPARENT ICE CONTAINER - Transparent ice container with 12-cup capacity makes it obvious observation on the process of ice shaving process. Place it under the bottom opening of the ice crusher. NOTE: Ice crusher will not operate unless Ice Container is secured into position.
  • 🍨Product size: 6.7'' x 10.5'' x 18.1''(L x W x H), Power: 60-80W, Cable length: 4.5Ft

The Costzon Electric Ice Crusher is the perfect machine if you need large quantities of crushed ice. It can crush just over twenty-six pounds of ice in a single hour with its stainless steel blades. As fast as your countertop ice maker can make it, the Costzon can crush it.

It pairs perfectly with all the best ice machines to produce quality crushed ice, and it can make you feel like you have a Sonic ice maker in your very own home. Before you know it, you’ll be whipping out limeades, and orange crushes to all your adoring friends and neighbors.

While manual options are great for their portability, electric options win on convenience, and quantity. If you’re having a big party, and you want to serve your own specialty Moscow Mules, you can’t spend the entire night spinning a hand crank. You want to simply pour in the ice, and let the machine do the rest.

3. Buy a Freezer With a Built-In Ice Crusher

Goplus Electric Ice Crusher, Ice Shaver Machine, Snow Cone Maker, Shaved Ice Machine, 143 Lbs
  • 【Good Helper for Shaving Ice】This ice crusher works fine with ice cubes or crushed bag ice. You can put different kinds of ice as long as they are of similar size as the hopper. Highly efficient motor can produce 143 lbs of shaved ice per hour to meet demands of large amount of ice in a relatively short time.
  • 【High Quality and Stable Base】Aluminum is employed in the manufacture of the casing and the hopper, which makes the product can stand years of use and avoid rusting. And also equipped with a heavy cast base, offers fully stable workstation so that vibration and noise will be deducted to the lowest degree.
  • 【Safety Guarantee】 Water-resistant "on / off" switch is designed for safe operation. as well as the safety cover switch, which adds the extra safety to prevent injuries (Unit shuts off when the cover is open).
  • 【Versatile Ice Crusher】With the powerful motor, this ice crusher can continue works 20hrs and is ideal for home or commercial use. It is suitable for restaurants, bars, canteens, snack stands, parties, home gatherings and etc.
  • 【Easy to Use and Clean】Humanized design is easy for you to use in daily life. Also comes with a stainless steel bowl, which makes convenient for you to serve. And because of the aluminum material, you can quickly clean it after use. Really save your time and energy.

If you’re looking for crushed ice on a daily basis, and you’re also in the market for a new freezer, you might want to consider combining the two demands. Lots of models of freezers and refrigerators feature built-in ice makers with a crushed ice option.

You might miss out on portability, but it is nice to have the two functions combined. You don’t have to worry about making the ice, and then crushing the ice. Your refrigerator unit will do both. All you have to do is slide your glass under the dispenser, and enjoy all the rewards for doing none of the work.

Using a built-in ice crusher is also an easy way for your guests to enjoy crushed ice without having to ask for your help, or fumble with a new gadget. They can easily dispense the ice, and then mix their own cocktail. They don’t need supervision from you, the host, which means you can spend more time mingling with your guests.

Enjoy Crushed Ice Whenever You Want

Crushed ice is a luxury item that is easily within your grasp. You don’t have to buy big heavy equipment to get it, and you can choose from a variety of machines to get the quantity that makes sense for your family. From everyday use to a poolside party, there’s an ice crusher to fit your needs.

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